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  1. Hi Thanks for the replies. I know I will have to make the avi file outside of PdN- just looking for the crumpled paper effect to create stills within the program. Cheers Mike
  2. Hi I am looking at creating an avi file of a piece of paper being progressively crumpled from flat and smooth, to a ball (or vice versa). Any tips on the best way to achieve this in PdN? Mike
  3. Hi New to Paint.net, but looking forward to learning the ropes. I started the tutorial and only ran into trouble on the second or third instruction; by fill, do you mean with the paint bucket tool? I used this, then on the next step, to create a rectangle in the lower third of the original rectangle and create the Gaussian blur, nothing happened. Also, where do I set the color so it is not 100%? Can you suggest any real basic tutorials so I can get this stuff out of the way? Thanks
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