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  1. Thank You IRON67 for considering and responding to my post. K.
  2. Running Windows 10, Acer desktop. Yesterday, and for no reason I can determine, all my pictures started opening in paint.net. I don't want my pictures opening in paint.net because paint.net and I are not compatible. The first thing I did was to follow the online instructions to select Windows Photo Viewer as my default viewer. My pictures still open in paint.net. The Windows help forum was not helpful in this issue so I decided to uninstall paint.net and see if that caused my pictures to stop opening in paint.net. I didn't find anything on the paint.net window that I recognized as a unstall feature. Then I went to Control Panel and uninstall a program. I right clicked and chose uninstall. The process started, progressed, then stopped short of completion and a paint.net window opens and says "The following application should be closed before continuing the install:" and in the window are Start and Cortana. There are 3 buttons below the window, Cancel, Retry, and Ignore. I'm stumped at this point. Since I clicked uninstall to start the process and the window says install, what am I to do at this point to continue the uninstall? All ideas, suggestions, comments any wish to offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, K.
  3. I was just working in paint.net and received a notice of an available update. I selected to update upon closing. I finished what i was doing and closed out. Paint.net updated. I went back to adjust the project and now paint.net doesn't work the same way it did just a few minutes ago. I had to give up on the project because I couldn't figure out how to do what I was doing just a few minutes ago. While I know I'm not hugely compuliterate, paint.net is always the toughest program for me to navigate. Anyway, is it possible to revert to the previous version of paint.net? All ideas, suggestions, comments any wish to offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, K.
  4. Thanks user24. That worked slick. Appreciate the help. K.
  5. Attempting to add text to pages that were photos scanned as documents and Paint.net is the default editor. Most of the photos are dark so black font color is difficult to see. Is it possible to change the font color? I can click on the 'T' and add text anywhere on the page I wish but so far have not discovered how to change the font color. Help says to use the color wheel. Would anyone know how to get the color wheel up? All ideas, suggestions, and comments will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks ordinary12 and Curmudgeon, appreciate your taking time to consider and respond to my post. Even with your help it seems as if recoloring in Paint.NET is a bit beyond my skill level. In MS Paint it is so simple even I can do it. For me, Paint.NET is not going to be my all inclusive tool. Thanks, K.
  7. I have text inside a border and would like to change the color of the text to one color and the background inside the border to a different color. If I understand what I read in Help for text color, text color must be set at time of typing only. So far I have not been able to find anything that addresses background color let alone anything about whether or not it can be changed. Considering my level of compuliteracy, or rather the lack thereof, I may simply be overlooking or possibly not understanding what I am reading. If it is possible in Paint.NET to adjust the color of text and background, would someone be able to direct me to instructions for these procedures that may be more down to my level of compuliteracy?