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  1. Thanks for that. Are either of these possible? Alter selection area from inside code? Bring up another window in which to make a selection?
  2. I'm considering writing a PDN extension. An initial idea is to use the selection area as a input, then write to a wider area (whole canvas) based on what I find in selection. What is the best way to achieve this sort of thing in a PDN extension. (I expect to be using VS for the development rather than the lab.)
  3. I was looking at some of the image saving features in the cloud. Occurred to me that it would be great to have cloud capabilities in the PDN file menu. Is there something already available? If not is there a file system plugin system?
  4. A great plugin. Thanks Evan. While using it, I thought about using a picker to help set the range. In other words you bring up the dialog, then use a picker on the image to get a first cut of the colour range to target. Adjust manually after that. (If the picked colours were overlaid on the colour wheel it would help.) I'm not familiar with the PDN API and how it can be accessed from plugin code. Has this sort of thing been done before? If it has I'd be prepared to spend a little time trying to integrate it into the code that Evan has generously provided.
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