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  1. I tried this one too, and i loved it.. The 3D effect is really cool.. I think I gonna try another time.. xD
  2. I had a try too.. xD I like how the fire comes out the spaceship.. ^^
  3. I had a try too.. I didn't used the circles, but instead I tried something different.. I know it could be better, but I'm not a frequently user of PDN.. BTW: great tut, love to make things like this..
  4. I'm not realy sure if it belongs here, but i've a question.. If i download paint.NET i need to unzip it, but when i want to install a pop-up appears with the message: There is wrongly acted in Paint.NET Setup Front-End and the programme must be closed. Our apologizes for the inconvenience. (sorry for the bad English, i translated the message from Dutch to English, and my English isn't very good.. ) EDIT: Ow, really sorry.. I didn't read the whole topic.. :S I'll post it again in the Troubleshooting-section..
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