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  1. Hey, sorry for my absence.. a LOT of stuff has come up over the past month and I've been a little too tied up to do much on PDN. Thanks for the comments, though. =] The font is called 'Visitor', and is used a lot in userbars and other customization pieces like avatars and the like. http://forums.relicnews.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=4161 ^ That's the link to the font package with Visitor. I first found the font on an awesome PC Game forum called 'RelicNews', and the link is to the attachment download for the font.
  2. Thou art mistaken! I have found a trick that WORKS! =D Truly! I've done this trick on both Blue and Yellow, and trust me, it works. PLEASE believe me. I was browsing the internet for Pokemon sites once, and I came across The Cave of Dragonflys. It's an awesome site. http://www.dragonflycave.com/mew.aspx <- Linkage Still don't believe me? I found a Wiki article that goes into farther depth on the glitch. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mew_Glitch <-MORE Linkage As for the 99 of any item trick. That involves a PokeGlitch named MISSINGNO. The item that will be duplicated needs to be placed in the 6th slot. To perform the trick: 1. Talk to the Old Man located North of Viridian City. Allow him to demonstrate how to catch a Pokémon. 2. Once he is finished, immediately Fly to Cinnabar Island. 3. Make sure that the Rare Candy is in the sixth slot of the bag. 4. Surf up and down along the east coast of the island where the water is touching the land. Whether MissingNo. can be encountered depends on the player's name; other Pokémon may appear instead. Continue Surfing along the coast until MissingNo. appears (assuming that the player's entered name will cause a MissingNo. encounter). Some names may not cause MissingNo. to appear. If so, you may find 'M, which works just as well. 5. Defeat, run from, or catch Missingno. or 'M. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rare_Candy_cheat <- Wiki Link
  3. It's fine. Being new, the last thing I want to do is think I'm doing something that's okay and then discover later that I'm being an idiot. ;>_>
  4. Hey! I got it to work. =D Although, I had to make the lens flares on a seperate image and transfer them over to the sig. *blinks* Is it just me, or are the lens flares on YOUR siggy new, Ash? I didn't notice them before..
  5. Hey all. I'm -fairly- new to PDN, but I've been browsing the Tutorials board, and have been able to pick up on quite a few neat techniques, a lot of which have been incorporated into my work. Here in my gallery, I have a lot of images I created while following tutorials (normally, the awesome ones..), as well as a few that I created on my own. Feel free to comment. I'm also an avid userbar maker. =] Several of the icons/pics in my images come from a game called Homeworld, or other places. I even made a little animation of the annoying fairy Navi from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64. Tutorial Works Destroyer Glass Orb -(fairly large) http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q191/Dragon_Master804/GlassOrbComplete.png Exploding Planet -(also large) http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q191/Dragon_Master804/ExplodingPlanet2.png Hiigaran Avatar Helios Sig Wavy Irish Flag Fire Swirl Light Swirl My Own Creations -(again, may contain stock) Avatars Man on Fire Signatures Hiigara Sig UserBars Don't Bite the Newbies Trumpet Player Christian Resource Collector Dessy The Unbound Other Thunderbird Logo -(the bird and envelope are the only stock) Navi Emote -(no stock. Navi is a copyrighted character, but I created the image here myself)
  6. I actually got Ash's suggestion to work, but unfortunately, I still can't get them to render on my sig.. ah well...
  7. Okay, you KNOW that's not what I said. I thought the topic warranted its own thread, so I made one. If you consider it spam, then fine. Just don't flame me. From what I read, the Off Topic thread is optional, anyway. Unless I'm wrong about that too.
  8. ;>_> Eh, I thought that if a lot of people knew of it, then it would create a lot of conversation. It's a pretty epic game. Plus, I saw a thread on Pokemon, so I figured it would be OK to make one about another game series.
  9. Anyone else play Homeworld? I love it. It's such an awesome RTS game. =D Anyone who's played it will recognize where the logo on my avatar is from.
  10. Heck yes. =D I watched the anime too, until 4Kids Entertainment sold it to the stupid company that made Yu-ghi-oh. I have: GameBoy: Yellow, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver GameBoy Advance: Sapphire, (used to have Leafgreen. Sold it) GameCube: Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon Channel =p I don't plan on buying another game from the series anytime soon, unless I get a DS. xD I'm also listening to the Route 1/Veridian City theme from Super Smash Bros Brawl right now.
  11. Hey, thanks. =D Good job, LFC! I don't know what's wrong with the Lens Flares either, so I posted a question on the R&Q board. Note: I used the 'Ellipse selection then Ellipse subtraction selection' to get the crescent effect, since the curved line method didn't work too well for me. =P
  12. Yes, I used the search feature first. Didn't find anything. I need help rendering lens flares. Yes, I have the Lens Flares plugin and the latest version of Paint.NET. I was working on a project following Expired's Helio Sig tutorial, thinking, "Man, this would look great with lens flares on it." But I tried and tried, and couldn't get them to render. At all. This is the pic I wanted them on.
  13. A good idea is to save all the images you'll use as frames in one folder or on your desktop, because you place them in the unfreeze box by dragging and dropping them into it in the desired order. Sorry I didn't understand your previous question.
  14. fredsburgers- (I'm assuming you're talking to the tut author) What you have to do is create each frame individually on PDN. (ie, the picture moves a little bit in each pic you make) Then, when you have all the frames you need, use the unfreeze program he linked to to mesh them all together into an GIF animation. Hope that helped.
  15. Thanks! =D I'm quite pleased with it. The pic is a Kushan Destroyer from the game Homeworld. =P My avy is from the same series. *obsessed*
  16. Hey, thanks man. =] I knew it was something simple. If no one else posts after me by the time I'm done, I'll edit this post and stick my finished project in. But, unfortunately, I can't figure out how to render Lens Flares (yes, I have the plugin for it), and I REALLY wanted to use em. ;~; Any tips?
  17. Sorry if this is a stupid question, and forgive me if it's already been asked, but how do I enter the exact color value? (ie, 00BBFF from step 7) Thanks. =/
  18. Phew, big project. xD Great result, though. Thanks a bunch. *moves on to Helio Sig Tut*
  19. Ah. My apologies. Thank you. *thread may now be locked*
  20. It's a Photoshop effect that's seen in many many many images around the net. Lines of lowered opacity are made across an image diagonally to create a neat effect. I have no clue how to do this with Paint.NET. An example can be seen in this image:
  21. K_I_N_G- I think the concept is awesome! =D A tip: Try to make it look like the green streams are in a constant downward motion. Otherwise, it'll look like they're jumping up and down. This can be achieved by making all the streams come in full contact with the top and bottom of the picture. Unless there was a specific reason you didn't do that. =P Haseo- I like that one too! =D Although, the boarder shine lines are a little glaring. Try putting a white rectangle outline on top of the picture (on a seperate layer), selecting half of the picture (corner to corner, not vertically) with the lasso, then using the gradient tool to make the shine lines less pronounced. It's in the Glossy Button tut.
  22. =D That tutorial by Europe got me the exact effect I needed. But what was the Polar Transformation plugin and the primary/secondary colors tip about? I didn't understand either of them. >_> /n00b
  23. I am trying to replicate an awesome effect I saw on a photoshop tutorial, but I have been unsuccessful at even the first step. Making random gradients. >_> When I use gradients with Paint.NET, it only lets me make one gradient, and it affects the entire layer... This is the tutorial of which I speak- http://1252429.deviantart.com/art/fire-orb-tutorial-38952004
  24. Question: This is a rather n00bish question, but how do I initialize the align object effect? >_> Is it a plugin? Because I can't find it, and I've needed it several times now.
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