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  1. You have an awesome sense of style.
  2. I was bored. ... -100086914 Copyright © System 2008
  3. That is quite possibly the most well-blended signature I've ever seen O_____o -- I made this using LJXD's un-photoshop like signature.
  4. I predict that slamxcz will be the next Ash.
  5. The glare looks really strange. Other than that, it's awesome. -- Yes. It's big. But that's because I always scale them down later. Whaddya think?
  6. :shock: This tutorial takes some serious skill, not just add some effects and done. VERY well written tutorial!
  7. @misterfast Find the glare? You make the glare. And make sure the layer which the text is on is selected before you use Curves. Edit: You must tell us how