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  1. I feel stupid... Agh well! Rant: :AddNoise: TO MUCH NOISE IN HERE :AddNoise:
  2. :?: I guess... But I have a new rant! I have no clue what you said! grr
  3. I LOVE GECKOS! Mine is... I was making a picture in PDN and the computer closed it saying there was an error, it was one of my best pictures ive ever made, i spent an hour or two on it.
  4. Thanks. Im going to start posting art when I can (Im not able to get on my computer right now) and maybe even make some tutorials. I fool around on paint dot net a lot, so I have found how to make simple, 1 or 2 step flames and fossils (Including radar hurricanes, The way they look from the satalites, an earlier step of "fossils")
  5. Hello everyone. I am new here, just registered from a refferall from my older brother. You might know him.. TopHATslash? Well anyway, just saying hey, he told me this is the right place to post this. I love PdN!
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