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  1. nice but the first part of the name is kind of har to distinguish from the background now i know on mine its hard to read the name but i like it.
  2. OK I need some constructive criticism because I'm tired of going through this: Me: Hey, insert relative/acquaintances name here what do you think of this picture? insert relative/acquaintances name here: oh, -absentmindedly glances at the computer- that's nice... ARRGH!!! :evil: sorry had to get that out of my system... anyways....I've been thinking and i've come up with this design that I really like and I've been tweaking it and I've come up with this: after tweaking with it a bit (and adding fire :twisted: ) and here another completely unrelated 'doodle' i made this for my stage/tech crew, for explanation of the Skelly head: Hidden Content: in my stage crew we have this life sized skeleton that we stole borrowed from one of the science lab that we have dubbed Jack. his head tends to come off at random intervals and I had once dropped his jaw down a large air duct in the depths of our school and I can be found randomly toting the head around the school... So those are my little 'doodles' and like i said above i would welcome some constructive criticism and, if you find the time, go into some specifics on what I could do to improve any of the above thanks! Edit (4/18)-Resizing and some new stuff Biohazard/radiation picture-re-sized: and if you noticed my avatar as changed a bit over the last couple of days from the weird, smushed Rhino (see my HAVING FUN WITH GRAVITY PLUGINS post) to the fire radiation to the current one which i will put here full sized: EDIT (4/21) New stuff playing with colour i found a tut dealing w/ rainbow colours and so I tokk a shot at it: And evolving the idea into a Spartans visor....(with a FEW extra tweeks ) FYI that started out as a white spartan on a weird grey gradient background....(that was Hard to get rid of....) Thanks!
  3. nice, but the txt is a little hard to read but ill give it a 9.5 just rate this one i know i'm missing SOMTHING i just dont know what.... any ideas? :?: :?
  4. My definition for like: completly adore with every fiber of your every soul.... am I overstating somthing???
  5. nice but it needs somthin... its a little too blue... which is the best? i dont care if you rate them individgually (i can't spell) (yes i know the txt is hard to read any sugestions?)
  6. OoOoO shiny! like the effect how did you do it? my sig is simple but i like it! Rate both of these Sigs:
  7. oOoOo fruty nice.... is it just me or do you like pineapples??
  8. I was having WAY to much fun with the gravity plugin..... From this: To this: Hidden Content: From this: To this: Hidden Content: From this: To this: Hidden Content: [img][/img] From This: To This: Hidden Content: From this: To this: Hidden Content: ]And my Favorite: From this: to this: [hide] I'm not new to paint.net but i am new to the forums so tell me what you think! (wow long post...)
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