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  1. You've made quite a LOT of Twist images there. Although the unappreciative might say "Can't you do anything other than do simple effects on them!?" but I'll say "The choice of colours in conjunction to the rather simplistic effects make those image, excellent."
  2. The Filler comic and your current one is pure win. "david.atwell and the BANHAMMER?" Blast! Why didn't I think of that before.
  3. Good job but the Water Reflection kind of killed the "eerie" feel but that's just IMHO.
  4. This started with the "IMHO..." frame, I just felt like turning it into to an animated .GIF and here it is. Got motivated after downloading Unfreez.
  5. 05-07-2008 That's the date! I've been lurking the forums for about a year now but only now did I decide to create an account.
  6. 6.5/10 Could use a little Anti-alias or Feather on Dough boy. The text is also hard to read.
  7. (Bumper sauce) My first go at it using a photo of a Nissan Skyline R32. The logo was added later on.
  8. I was searching for a free, open source alternative to the costly Adobe PS so I searched around. I first tried GIMP, but it proved too complicated and too messy. I looked for a less messier and simpler one but just as powerful. Then came Paint.NET.
  9. 2 thumbs up is what I give to you, sir.
  10. ShootinPutin109 here, 13 years old and is a Filipino. I can read and speak 1337, experienced forum lurker, likes a bit of both light-hearted and satiric humour and an everyday life image editor. This post would be my 2nd but I don't really care about post counts since their just there to count your posts and NOT your experience, right? Cheers to the PdN community! P.S. Give credits to my bro for making my sig. He's beside BTW.
  11. The effect is astounding, yet very simple. I used it to make some signatures in an another forum.
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