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  1. thank you i favor that one too
  2. thanks for all the new feedback guys ill be glad with critiques of my work if you guys feel obligated
  3. thanks ill try to make more of those if i can remember how lol.
  4. well thankyou very much i put some time into those and im glad someone finally relized it. although i just got some oral surgery done ill be making more.
  5. i D/led the plugin the other day and all ive gotten is spheres. is there any other shape :?: ive seen the prisms and different things, and im just wondering how. tut :?:
  6. I'm kinda new and i started about a week ago. so here are some random pieces i made. And please, if your gonna drop in, Leave A Comment First peice Abstract Sigs Desktop Art Image Mod
  7. made it from scratch and even signed it. does anybody like it?
  8. New sig. had to make it smaller, so it lowered the quality.
  9. its the different styles of art, a little bit of everything, and i didnt want to leave everything as is. i tried my best, any other suggestions on improvements i can make?
  10. Hey, im sorta new but your sig looks good you should make the letters glow so their more visible. you can also add pictures and lower the opacity.
  11. i like #1, matrixy feel but the others are good for the community's exposure
  12. thats awesome jake did you take that picture or is that just an online?
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