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  1. You aren't supposed to rate the render and the fact that it's pokemon. This is the ''Rate the Sig of the Poster Above you'' not Rate the Render.
  2. That's because anything that is shiny is so cool! XD. The reason I was so desperate for it was because I always needed an effect to surround the render and this was the perfect one but I didn't know how to do so until now.
  3. 6/10. You didn't need 3 renders, the BG colour looks pale so sharpen it.
  4. 9/10. I like the BG Gradient how it starts off purple then fades away to black. The glowline thingy is nice but the lightening ruined it as I said last time.
  5. Nice. They remind me of mosaic and stained glass art which I like! 9/10
  6. Sad that you won't show us your past work. Overall 10/10. Your sigs have good depth, colours, text design, and blending. Though for your Joker sig, the lighting looks as though it was forced to be there so try getting a soft brush and G Blurring it.
  7. Oh my gosh, I always wanted to know how to do that on PDN. Thanks for the share and excellent tutorial.
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