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  1. W-what? That's disgusting. >.< Well THS did you know I'm Grizzle under a different name? And I choose Divine Designs because Yippiyo is so cool. How about it friend?
  2. And my Dad is Tom Cruise. LOL just kidding. I'll go with Flow Designs too then.
  3. Oh so you like Divine Designs? w00t w00t. xD But I still like Fruity Designs.
  4. Er... too Fruity. =P How about Devine Designs?
  5. I say keep the "Designs" part of the name but find a good adjective to be in front of it. How about? Delta Designs
  6. Flowic? What the heck? xD Flow Designs sounds better but the first thing that comes into mind for me with the word flow is a flower and an ocean with it's water flowing. :shock:
  7. I go for "Vantage Art" Reason: Because it sounds like the word 'Advantage' except hip and cool and it's not only a sig forum but Art too. It'd be better though if it was "Vantage GFX". But I don't know it's your choice.
  8. I saw it. A community guide to smudging. Nice.
  9. 7/10. I like the effects, it gives a physcic feeling.
  10. No telly me secret?! :x I'm kidding. I gave it a shot and my result is in my sig. VVVVVVVVVVV
  11. By that you are probaly referring to the G-Map tool aka Gradient Mapping? First Smudging now this. Soon all plugins will be based off GIMP.
  12. Your new tag isn't so great. Too dark and for some reason I think it needs lightening. :shock: Nice smudging there, it blends in because of that. 7.5/10. Not your best. Can I know the secret of your smudging too? xD
  13. Your new Halo tag is nice but a little plain. Maybe you can add some C4D's at the bottom of the render? The text colour of the big text needs to be changed because it's way off with the render and the BG and it draws attention to it because of that. Apart from that, well blended, I like the clouds, text design is good. 8.89/10
  14. 9/10. I like the glowing line and the way the BG starts off purple and fades off to black. But as I said before, lightening needs work.
  15. Does this plugin choose any random effect that has been installed onto your Paint.net or any random effect throughout Paint.net (like the ones you haven't downloaded before)
  16. It stands for Cinema 4D and they are basically Abstract or Fractal renders.
  17. Nice work, but I don't think that it's glowing enough. Needs more glow or white line.
  18. Just a preview if you haven't seen it yet Pyro.
  19. Yup, figures. Thanks for the site. I'll still download it though, it's like a case for the images. =P
  20. Wow this is amazing. I haven't downloaded it yet but it looks very convenient. Is there already a bunch of stock images in the plugin or do you have to upload it by yourself?
  21. Finally, the smudge tool is out on PDN. Never thought it'd be released. Thanks. PS: Isn't this plugin also from GIMP?
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