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  1. Quite good since you are still playing with the effects. And you're a beginner. Um... the text is too visible and attracts too much attention. It looks more as if it was slapped on just for the sake of it. The composition of it is fine but try changing the colour for "free" and a different colour for "mason" other than a totally black. Stick with the dark colours since the style is grunge. Type the text words each on a different layer and for each one change the opacity so it would give a nice effect. Or you could get a transparent gradient of any kind and just lightly put it on the text. Lightrays doesn't really match with what you're doing much. The clouds are fine but the colours and effects need work. Use plugins which give grunge effects such as vignette, soft portait, blurs, and some of the effects in adjustments (should be included in plugin packs which are stickied in the plugins forum). Overall, good job, and effort. 7/10. Keep working hard.
  2. Your teacher is right. :wink: Though, it could have been better if you used a gradient map since the background and car colours are different, and your smudging less circular and more straight so it gives a better flow. 9/10
  3. Of course you have to do this by yourself. Everything that you follow from any tutorial would have to be made by themself. Otherwise it'd be ripping. Making LP art and making Tags are 2 different things. Tags consist of many design elements and is much harder than LP art. The tutorials that are stickied mainly explain how to create fun things and how to use paint.net's functions. If you think this tutorial is "vague", I believe you wouldn't have used it for your signature where you used the text.
  4. That's probaly your best tag imo. I love the "matrix" text, smudging, and the colours. 9.5/10
  5. It's okay since it's not a tag. But the lighting is too strong. Gaussiun blur it again. @Pipp: I'm not sure, but THS is probaly busy which is the reason why he asked me to help him out in this guide. If he tells me how to do clipping masks on PDN, then I could post the part for him.
  6. I have sent the message to THS in PM for the new update that I wrote. Hope he comes on the forum soon to update this guide.
  7. Interesting smudging. I like the style and the lighting in there. The colours are okay and can do some G-Maps. I can also see a faint checkerboard in there. 9.2/10
  8. Cool. I'll be glad to help. Thanks for the offer too. Do I just PM you some "Tag Design Techniquees" to add to the guide?
  9. What do you mean? (OK, actually, I do have 3 new plugins... 2 ready to go and 1 being optimized by Ed Harvey right now. I'll publish all three when he's done.) A little hint of what they are?
  10. Well... it doesn't look like he has updated the guide yet pipp....
  11. ^^ Eh... that was a fake plugin. Mike and Pyro made that as an April Fool's Joke. It isn't real. So far, the "Liquify" plugin isn't released and isn't created yet for PDN. Hopefully it will be in the future. Hope that clears stuff up for you Kon. :wink:
  12. TopHatSlash, when you said PDN can do clipping masks, did you mean Clipping Masks text or for anything else?
  13. I heard saw you guys talking about it on TF. Didn't know you found out the secret! Can't wait for the write up.
  14. Nice additions. The colour blending will come in handy. For brush styles, you could do abstract and vectors. Grunge is out of style now.
  15. Great tutorial THS! Good write up just like your other tutorials. I'd have to say the depth helped me the most. The blending and C4D's may come in handy some day. A good addition to the tutorial could be: -More ways of doing blending, text, depth, etc. -Techniques of Smudging -Using Brushes
  16. 2 Renders? Only 1 is enough. The BG is okay but it doesn't flow with the renders. Needs to be blended, depth, a lot of blank spots there, text colour and design needs work. 7/10
  17. Use Feather as Ash and Bolt said before. Put the settings as default and tick the box.
  18. New Smudge Tag: It's nice. 9/10. Bad depth, okay flow, I like the C4D but maybe you could of put it on color dodge or color burn to make it shine so it looks like something exploded, good smudging, colours good, and the lightening is a little too strong.
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