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  1. I know put I downloaded the plugin that was given with the tut. so that should be the same they use on the tut shouldn´t it ?
  2. Hey guys Im working with Paint.Net like a Month or so and its real fun. I already downloaded a couple of plugins. But I have a little problem that kinda makes me mad. Sometimes when I read a tutorial and wnt to try it out it requires an additional plugin. If its a real good tut the link for this plugin is with it. Well so I download it and install it and I also can find it in Paint.Net but when I open it and compare my working panel of the plugin with the one on the screenshot sometimes I dont have the same values I can change. Its like some of them are missing and that is really bothers me. e.g: In a tutorial they use the Mandelbrot Fractal plugin. I downloaded it from the link given on the tut. but when I open it I can change these values: -Factor -Zoom -Angle -Quality -Invert colors But on the screenshot there are values like : -Factor -Anti-Alias -Zoom -X-Offset -Y-Offset -red -green -blue -Alpha and thats strange. Also can he change the Zoom from 0 to ca 2000,00 I can only change it from 0,00 to 100,00 Does anyone got a clue whats wrong ??! Thx !!!
  3. I´ve got a Problem with this one cuz I downloaded the plugin but when I do it I just get the posibility to change the -Factor 1-10 -Zoom 1,00-100,00 -Angle -Quality thats all I can change on the panel. I don´t even have the X and Y Off spring and that´s often with other tool too that I don´t have the same panel as shown in the tuts does anyone know why ?
  4. Well thats my try I had some troubles with the shaddow tool because it wouldn work like it´s shown in the tut. I just can put the scale from 0-200 and can´t go in the negative :?