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  1. excellent tutorial!!! It works great!!
  2. My eyeball!! My eyeball encorperated into a funny face using the same techniques as the eyeball I made this solar system!! Thanks for the tutorial!
  3. Jerkfight! That solar system rocks!! Keep it up!! its amazing
  4. ya that last one is Awesome!! I really like it
  5. More things I have created on Pdn feel free to comment!
  6. Hmm, interesting, what did u feel when u were making it, or was it just random?
  7. Your work is Gorgeous!! I love it, espcially the second one on the first page with the tree and the little house, wow all your stuff is beautiful!! Keep up the good work!@!
  8. Hey Man, Your graphics rock!!! the one was a little tooo big for my moniter hahhaha but the green ninja rocks!!! well done!! keep it up!
  9. Hey, its alright! we were all new at one point, dont worry about it. Plus its abstract! I am still new and I learn something new everyday.. Just keep at it and your skills will grow!! Here is something I made.. Hope it inspires you to keep working..
  10. well if its not abstract its deffinetly something cool!!! Very mind entraping ehehe
  11. LOL crazy!!! I didnt think anything was there ...just a black screen, then all these scrazy lines started to appear..if it waz a maze it would take 10 lifetimes to get through it...hehhee.. well done
  12. thank you here are some more random pics ive made.. also if anyone knows how i can upload the photo so that there is a thumbnail with the link I would appreciate it...ive looked around this site but im kinda confused lol.
  13. Hi guys I read a tutorial on here.. The magic circle and decided to post what i came up with...
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