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  1. That's more than pro. lol Great job! Tutorial? lol j/k
  2. Cool! Did you do it yourself? Or did you just found a cool player and reflected it? If not. Then that's pretty cool.
  3. Like the "gum" commercial. Very nice! Keep them coming!
  4. Oh. O.k. Now I know what you mean. Thanks for the tip.
  5. a. To big b. The guy on the right side is to pixelated. Not my thing.
  6. but I have to agree with what Salu said.
  7. Slash... I'll tell you this before expired gets to you. deph -> depth. With a t between the p & h.
  8. That's impossible! Thanks for the lovely comment!
  9. I guess we can do that, too. But it's also there to let us upload your own tutorial videos.
  10. Yeah sure. O.k. I don't see any problem with us both working on it. And you're right. It will grow faster. Now the acc. name should probably be Paint.NET. Now, if that is already taken, then we can use your option. Sounds reasonable. Let's do it. Send me the p/w, when you are done.
  11. You do professional editing, too? Cool. Me to! "Welcome to the club!" Now, I was thinking. Who should create the YT account? Me, because I came up with the idea? And also give the password to the admins, moderators, producers of Paint.NET? Or who?
  12. Something that popped into my head while I was day dreaming. But I think it would be great. And if we get really successful with our YouTube Channel, we might even get a YouTube Partner Channel. But that will take some time since we will be very fresh to the YouTube Community.
  13. What do you guys think? We can upload out Paint.NET video tutorials. We can upload news videos. What's new with Paint.NET, etc. We can get so many subscribers. Even more people will join the forum. ___________________________________________________________________________ Now we can talk this through or if you think that this will not have any success then we can leave this aside and lock this topic.
  14. Grizzle


    Agreed. Personally I don't like the background all that much.
  15. Pokemon! Nice background!
  16. Nice tutorial! And I'm guessing that that someone would be me, who requested this tut?
  17. Nice tutorial! And I'm guessing that that someone would be me, who requested this tut?
  18. Yeah, I know. But I was in a rush. lol So I quickly made this one. But I'll do a new one sometime this week or next.
  19. The first one is just wow! Well done! 10/10 Keep'em coming!
  20. The last one looks awesome!
  21. Glad you like them. But at the moment I have to take a break. Everyone has their bad days. I can't find the strength in me, to do a great signature piece.
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