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  1. You already know what I said to your new tag.
  2. As far as I know. There is already such tutorial.
  3. Good. That means you can do the first video tutorial for our Paint.NET YT Channel. Come on. Get to it!
  4. Bioshock for the win! Nice piece there, Lego. Nice lighting. 5/5
  5. That just scared the hell out of me! lol But that's very awesome and well done. Nice artistic skills.
  6. It hurts. lol Take a look at the first sentence in the very first post.
  7. Bloody hell! Expired! I'm amazed! You are only 13, you say? And do such work? Wow! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 100000/5 :shock:
  8. Wow! I'm .. Speechless! Well done! 10/10
  9. The rides that you own. The ones that are parked in the garage or in front of your house.
  10. Thank you guys! By the way, Code. Are you TopHATslash's brother?
  11. @ Lego: Very nice signature here. The render is well blend. The lighting is perfect. In a scale of 0 - 5. I'm giving this one a 4.8/5.
  12. Oh damn! I forgot that rule! I'm very sorry! I just fixed it! Very, very sorry!
  13. This topic is only here to post your ride that you own. Post pictures or even videos of you rides. Ladies and Gentlemen! Start your engines!
  14. That my friend, that is so amazing! Well done! 5/5
  15. Thanks mate! And no you don't get to marry it. It's mine!
  16. Thanks for comment on mine. Tip for your render. Don't squish and stretch it. Doesn't look all that good. The background is good looking. But I'd work on that, too.
  17. Awesome! Downloading right now!
  18. Do you want them to be 3D or like "drawn" on a piece of paper?
  19. #1 & #3 are very nice! Keep it up!
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