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  1. I know that the stock is a bit low quality. Still, I hope you like it!
  2. You never showed me the Snowboard one. lol That one looks so sweet. Awesome job, mate!
  3. lol Nice one THS. Yes, I'm using them on my next car tag. They look awesome! Thanks man! Thanks scudder.
  4. LOVE the first and the abstract pics. But the first one is my most favorite!
  5. Never seen this gallery. lol I like the Hancock tag the most.
  6. That's very good for your first shot at PDN.
  7. Slight problem with the stock. Please check your P.M for more information.
  8. Everybody has their ups and downs. But if you would see the original stock you would say, Thank god, he used the Soften Portrait effect. The original looked so lame. You would've not believed it. Plus, there was absolutely no blur effect involved in the making of this sig. Just so you know, I like to work with stocks, much more than with renders.
  9. Concept The car is a very cool Audi. Great car company. Big fan of them. I know I used the same brush set as in my BMW sig. But personally I have to say, they fit to this tag. Hope you like it.
  10. On this page I like the 3rd one from the top. It looks awesome! Well done!
  11. Erm... Pfff... Good question. Your sigs are amazing. So I'm guessing that you are pro. I don't know. I see your sigs and *bam* wow!
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