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  1. Tuesday and 18:12, too bad time goes on. I wish I had more energy.
  2. Tuesday and 18:12, too bad time goes on. I wish I had more energy.
  3. Tuesday and 18:12, too bad time goes on. I wish I had more energy.
  4. Ash and Boltbait and CMD are all site admins, I think we could in any case make some new smillies, I wouldn't know how to edit the entire forum though, but I could try to help.
  5. ^ is right. I'm part of the 90% of the world population who doesn't sing. < is part of 90% of the world population who doesn't sing. V doesn't sing either.
  6. Boude

    Oma's gallery

    A few things I think might work: 1. Less bright highlights and spread in a more "random" pattern. 2. Maybe some noise with a motion blur. 3. Make the horse more colourful, your lighting is brilliant, but the horse hasn't got a uniform fur. I don't want each hair to be visible, but the overall effect should.
  7. You could also use contrast/brightness with contrast set to 100, sorry.
  8. Boude

    Oma's gallery

    I was talking about your other works, I guess that could explain a lot. And the horse has no fur on it's body, it's like a shiny snail with legs and beautiful hair.
  9. You know you don't have the flu, does your teacher? Just cough very loud and long in the class. :wink:
  10. Boude

    Oma's gallery

    Good to see the horse finished, it looks good, but you have done better before.
  11. At my school the teacher might give you an hour of detention if you forget your books a lot of times, or you have to buy pie or brownies or cake or ice cream for the entire class
  12. Maybe this could help you: In IE8, mozilla firefox (don't know which version) and google chrome you can open a link in a new tab without going there immediately by pressing the mouse wheel and when you see the page is loaded you can see the beautiful image, without wasting time waiting.
  13. Rant: Great, school has just started and they've already messed things, wrong timetable and they got me the wrongs books, just great. :twisted:
  14. I have an idea: as you keep writing to complete your wish, you die. I wish I would live forever, but not grow old, let's say no older then the average 30 year old.
  15. Congratulations, I'll try to behave from now on.
  16. Happy birthday. Could this thread also be for theonlychad? It's his birthday too.
  17. *says with a civilised English accent* Yes, in fact I am, aren't we all? TPBM has typed a word in the last minute, unless (s)he waits a minute after typing his/her post and then presses Submit just to tease me.
  18. ^ not like a lot of times, but more like a lot of times... Doh < could think of something. (OMG, a paradox) V has hair.
  19. ^ Fishes in our pond... < Is trying to find a particular swimming pool V Thinks.
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