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  1. @blooper: it's for those who use 2 windows at the same time.
  2. (1) live outside the Midwestern US (especially out of the United States-- and if you're out of the North American continent, even better!) The Netherlands (2) have access to a printer No colours, just grayscale, but yes. (3) are willing to help me Sure (4) can keep a secret I can.
  3. The problem is the uncertainty of not knowing which outlines you should remove and which outlines you should keep.
  4. Actually I was talking about your programming skills, but I should have been more specific.
  5. How good are you now, oma? Maybe I could teach you a thing or two (or you could teach me...)
  6. What's wrong with taking 2 hours to learn CSS (and HTML).
  7. Maybe you could add an opacity option for the outline effect, just idea.
  8. They don't limit the use of PDN and don't cost us time.
  9. Are there any plans for creating an intellisense-like menu for codelab?
  10. @goonfella: I believe they're blocked, because they are known to cause errors. Pyrochild has released beta versions of his plug-ins in the PDN 3.5 preview part of this forum.
  11. @CMD: You can do the same thing on my school's computers. It's one of the first things you learn on school.
  12. Wilson, sorry, but you have to save .png, not .jpg. I already noticed a difference, that's why I'm saying this, not to pick on you. But if you have any other lossless version of your image please post that one. This one is against the rules.
  13. Added Helio's claim And yes OMA it's supposed to be heavens gate. I thought I'd have to force you to be creative with the top part of the grid. I thought I did pretty good for my first time with pixel art.
  14. BTW, Is it supposed to be pixel art or not? Also next time no borders, plz.
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