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  1. good tut, but glass bundels light (just light a magnifier) ,so you should have a light point and a slightly darker area.
  2. @welshblue: for the lines gaussin blur and lower opacity and for the light my advise would be to paintbrush and blur on several layers and different amounts, lots of work, but the best way to get it done properly, don't forget to get an alphamask if you are going to do it that way and you might have to get rid of the bevel.
  3. @welshblue: I found out that to give things depth you should adjust the light and/or morph it so that the texture curves around the object, basicly shape 3d+. If you need any more help pm me, I suggest that you pm me anyway.
  4. if it's all on one layer try using magic wand with 0% tolerance and additive selection mode and then gradient the selection. btw 0% tolerance only works when the lines aren't :AntiAliasingOn: but :AntiAliasingOff: , with words when the lines are anti-aliased, my advice would be to first color and then draw the lines. And maybe a transparent gradient would help. if you need more advice you can PM me.
  5. @oma:oh my god, it's beautiful, looks like a flooded ice cave, I'm currently in need of a lot of inspiration and if I can't find it in the picture I won't find it anywhere.
  6. david atwell, I think it's good that you made a sig just to remember us of all the soldiers that died or sacrefied themselves for us, even though I'm Dutch I really appreciate it.
  7. good job, but there are some jagged egdes and the perspective is wrong and the screen is not in the middle of it's pedestal (
  8. This is what I got after 10 waves: My guess is that that is not the desired effect. Edit: more experimenting with less radius and more waves came to this: I forgot to mention the auto level and noise, pixelate, clouds.
  9. @topezia: yes, get rid of the frame and I would also try to get rid of the yellowish noise, it make the picture a bit weird, but you did a good job anyway.
  10. @LFC4EVER: I think the blue one is better, because the lighter part is just lighter, not red. By the way, it is far too big for a sig.
  11. @Olav.k.m: you're right, my goal was to make a slightly dented sphere, however I think it's the only flaw in it. Maybe one day I will change it...
  12. @olav.k.m: almost flawless, but the text (50ml) isn't curved and the egdes of the bottle of water are slightly jagged, however I can't find a single other flaw in it, overall great job. @topezia: It's scaring me to death :shock: , but shape 3d wasn't the plugin for this as it doesn't give depth to the teeth. My advise: only use the smaller one, no flaw in there. @ash: Your location is an URL. The product of boreness: The name of this game was pong right?
  13. @kemaru: no offence but you already posted that one, and you - - made it 3 in a row.anyway, looks good, but could use more color. @peterpawn: I love it, but I'm not sure if you should keep it like this or that you should get rid of the egdes. @goonfella: I'm not a really big fan of halloween, in the Netherlands it's no big deal, but I think it looks too bright and the eyes are just gradients try lowering the opacy of the gradient, but overall: good job.
  14. @aull Arkenbon: try using tumbnails, in case you don't know how:http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=26979 @becauseiwantedto: looks very realistic, just try using alpha masks, and personly I believe it belongs in the realistic part, if not then the compass alone would. @goonfella: It's not the best abstract of all times, but good effect, try using more colours, I think that would make it look better.
  15. @topezia: Well in my country red is the colour of love, we even have a song just about red, but it's Dutch so you probably won't understand a single word of it, and the reason why I let the middle of the line red is because I wanted to leave the lightning effect.
  16. @Kemaru: it would look much better if you would have auto levelled it, please don't blame me for taking the privilige. Note to people not paying attention: I did not make this!
  17. @Aull Arkenbon: I like the first one best, it almost looks like a face, I love it, beautiful. Second is good but nothing compared to the first.
  18. @topezia: some gradients look like they are larger than the watch. I hope you mean what I mean, it's the first light gradient if you look from the middle to the right. @KonArtist: looks good except for the :AntiAliasingOff: and the reflection, that one is far off. I think this is my best work so far, though I'm not planning to use it in the near future. Maybe I day I will put some names on the rings. :wink:
  19. @LFC4EVER: looks good and if you would add a focalpoint and a highlight as described in erazer's waterdrop tutorial (I hope I got it right) it would look like water. @Krutch-it: it's good, but I think you can do better, it can be me. I just don't like people using renders, because I think that if you really want an image that bad, you should have a try yourself. anyway here's my new avatar, tired of feeling a noob, soon I'll make a sig (I think)
  20. @becauseiwantedto: it looks awesome but... I don't like the colour, that looks like rusted copper, however that can be changed easily (atleast I guess). @PeterPawn: I love your gold like looks great, but I would change the blue colour and distort the tile reflection a lot more. @janettsue: It looks so realistic; you could post it at the realistic images topic, however because the main porpuse of your image is to fool the mind it doesn't look extremely beautiful. Now for a little coloured metallic polar inversion: I like the way it looks offcentered. plz comment.
  21. @ welshblue: looks great!, but the flames are coming out of the frame. @ oma: it looks awesome, looks like there is some polar inversion in it, that gave me to this idea: yes, I used clouds.
  22. Something like this? The background is transparent when you make it.
  23. @welshblue: I like it, however you feather blurred (I think) too mutch. And I'm not sure where your light is coming from anyway good job. I made this: believe me making it was way much easier than it looks.
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