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  1. yeah but the line i draw around it isnt a single colour it goes from purple outwards to lighter purple and cant use magic wand.
  2. I wanna transfer like a head of a guy from one picture on to a guy on another picture, what is an easy way to do this, btw they are not cartoons.
  3. thats a good pic and thanks for the recognition i dunno if this is abstract but meh
  4. Yeah, I think I'll pick it up. Seems better than my current one (UnFREEz). Clouds lol. Using black and red, set the blend mode to...color burn (possibly overlay? Idr.), and transparency to about a hundred or something like that. Then I just erased the clouds part over the character. Came out like blood, didnt even know I could do that but I figure the best techniques are made just by messing around. I like making signatures that spin easy XD
  5. I was adjusting the contrast on glow on this image and it turned weird so i turned it into a gif Its a picture of the band rammstein (german rock)
  6. Yup, did the blood myself. Was a bit hard but easy at the same time, just a bit time consuming. That must have taken a long time. I cant stand animation! Takes forever! Still, looks cool. Actually i have a good freeware animator program and it only took 12 frames i just saved them separately and put them in with a delay which made it have good timing. The programs called BMG (Beneton Movie Gif) :wink: and nice job doing that blood, like how do you do it do you just to dark red getting lighter or..?
  7. Here is some death note stuff (anime show)
  8. Pretty nice, did you add the blood your self or was it with pic also i did this
  9. heres something i made using water reflection on a bald guy
  10. New Burger From The Assassins! Altair loves them so much! Skittles also has a new product
  11. k thanks a lot uploading more pics now
  12. hmm can anyone tell me how to change the name of the post to Killthehorde's Gallery?
  13. Oh ok thanks for that me = nubface at forums EDIT: wait how do i change the name of it?
  14. It is good but yes it is copied from a lot of other ideas
  15. Hiho this is my first pic i made using paint.net i hope you like it i got help from an exploding planet tutorial
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