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  1. Someone please, pray tell me how in the name of good sense do I get these png's out iof these boxes, so I can use them in my custom brushes? dj
  2. Thank you so much Myriddin I found some in the plugin section & saved them, then wasn't sure how to use them. I really appreciate your help. dj
  3. I've seen pngs listed in the plugins section as plugins, but no info as to how to do this. Do I just download them into paintnet user files & they will appear in effects as a plugin or do I need to do something else to make this work? Thank you
  4. Went back & looked & noticed there's a color button, tried it & got colored brush. Thanks so much for your help.
  5. Oh gee whiz, it worked. Thank you so much. Can I make them colored or am I stuck with black?
  6. I sure hope this shows up. I added a few more brushes, but may have to delete until I know how to use.
  7. oh boy, I'm going to show my dumbness here. I've never done a screenshot. How do I go about that?
  8. I get another page with a box down the left side. At the top it says search brushes. At the bottom there are three boxes--top one says add brush, bottom left one says ok, bottom right one says cancel. I clicked on add brush & added new brush & it shows up in the long bar, but when I choose it, go to my image & start to paint I get whatever is chosen on the main paint toolbar--solid color, waves, whatever. Thanks for your interest in my question. dj
  9. I added a custom brush following the instruction listed in the plugins section, but it does not work. Can anyone tell me why? I have the lastest version of paintnet. I downloaded, unzipped, unblocked. Put in paintnet user files in custom brushes file.
  10. I'm sorry, I should have said--I added the woman to this beach image. That's what I want to do. Thank you.
  11. Ok I added an image as what I want to do. I just hope it shows up. Just in case it doesn't, I'll try to explain--I want to put one image on top of another & be able to move it around to where I want it & for it to look like it was there all the time. And to fade it, etc. Added URL to. So far this program is so confusing to me--do you have "extreme newbie" classes? HaHa ... 0beach.jpg
  12. Hi, I'm a newbie & need some help. I just downloaded paint net & cannot figure out how to blend 2 images together to save my life. I'm used to IM & this is vastly different. I've followed the tute that I found, but it's not working. Is there a tute with screenshots that I could use? I do better that way. Thank you. Have a great day. dj