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  1. Thanks Ash, and as soon as i get them i will upload screenshots of what i mean. But until then, i can explain a little better. When you use Paint Shop Pro, and you draw a shape using a vector, and then you add text, if you put the text icon on one of the sides of the shape, you can attach text to that side of the shape. I am trying to find that functionality in PDN.

    By the way, this program is great, and much more powerful than the PSP i was using.

  2. Ok, i know i'm a newbie and you wizards have probably already delt with this issue, but i'm going to post it anyway since i don't see what i'm looking for. I want to Draw a triangle which is part of my record label logo. I'm switching to paint.net from Paint shop pro and i don't see a triangle tool. i've downloaded a plugin but it still does not show up. Also, i would like to attach text to a shape that i've drawn, can anyone assist me with this or point me in the right direction.

    Thanks :D

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