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  1. OUTSTANDING This is what i created using a state outline
  2. thanks...now i have a much better idea of what PDN is...this is great, i get to learn a whole new way to do things!
  3. Thanks Ash, and as soon as i get them i will upload screenshots of what i mean. But until then, i can explain a little better. When you use Paint Shop Pro, and you draw a shape using a vector, and then you add text, if you put the text icon on one of the sides of the shape, you can attach text to that side of the shape. I am trying to find that functionality in PDN. By the way, this program is great, and much more powerful than the PSP i was using.
  4. Ok, thank you for all the help in my last question, and i've pretty much figured it out...i will post images real soon of my first designs using PDN. However, is there a feature that allows you to create text and shapes as vector images? If this has already been covered please let me know. Thank you!
  5. thanks for the assist...can you help with my original issue though?
  6. Ok, i know i'm a newbie and you wizards have probably already delt with this issue, but i'm going to post it anyway since i don't see what i'm looking for. I want to Draw a triangle which is part of my record label logo. I'm switching to paint.net from Paint shop pro and i don't see a triangle tool. i've downloaded a plugin but it still does not show up. Also, i would like to attach text to a shape that i've drawn, can anyone assist me with this or point me in the right direction. Thanks
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