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  1. The thing is, that my 42.5 hours playtime within 2 weeks (3hs per day) don't feel like peanuts either. :? So, my guess is that I've been quite "inefficient" in multiple ways...
  2. Dude, I really wonder what your "XX-hours-spent-playing-MW2Multiplayer"-Counter at your steampage displays... I barely reached 50 yesterday; certainly prestige 0 or whatever you wanna call it... :O
  3. Nice work guys Here's what I recently got after playing around: Suggestions are always welcome EDIT: Now I see, I shouldn't have left the background transparent... :S
  4. Thanks, really nice and useful tutorial, taught me how to use Alpha Mask I kind of messed up the body, should have used the feather-tool or smth, dunno... . Tried to make it look like metal by adjusting brightness and contrast at the already flattened image Greets, phre PS: Yay, 1st post after hours of reading tuts
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