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  1. A bit more tweaking with magic wand/tolerances etc....and the results are improving, slowly. I'm picking some fairly complicated subjects for starters, i know Still have some trouble with a few stubborn areas where the b&w still shows through, and I don't know how to fix it. As you can well see...lol: :oops:
  2. My crappy first ever attempts @ PDN: (I figured this would be a simple enough tute to start with. One kind of worked...the other...well, it turned a bit rubbish lol) Hmm. I have a lot to learn
  3. update re offline browser>> Even a total non-geek can do it, amazingly. HTTrack missed some screenshots in the tutorial but I found another freeware offline prog GetLeft - in case anyone's interested - which worked beautifully. Much obliged for that info Zagna :wink:
  4. ^^Just Googled WinHTTrack...what a bloody good idea, Zagna! thanks for that heads-up Hey the extra non-PDN stuff you learn here Embarassingly, i'd never heared of offline browsing! I can see a steep learning curve coming on though...yay, lol
  5. Heya Hlnl :wink: No in fact my nick relates to this guy: see my post in the username thread ~ viewtopic.php?f=17&t=20240&p=189835#p189835
  6. Ahh brilliant, Crimson! ie Just what I did to install PDN initially. thanks a lot for that :wink: Ash ~ Hey I wish..unfortunately no though. I'm battling with a dialup connection on the desktop as it is. ADSL/wireless is just a dream
  7. All my nightmares turn out pretty violent...usually there will be people shooting/trying to kill me as i'm trying to run away or evade them. Usually I get killed too BUT since I have been doing self defence classes, the last nightmare I had, I actually disarmed the gunman! lol TOO bloody weird
  8. zhuk relates to my total Russian obession which has been going on years now = ie Marshall Zhukov:
  9. Hey no worries...just thought I'd ask on the offchance! thanks for the fast reply Mike (btw, any opinions on that update ? gratefully accepted. I know its probably an insanely dumb one :wink: )
  10. Just started out with Paint.NET...of course I have a total n00b-ish question Is there a downloadable version of Paint.NET's help files available? Only asking because I have a chronic back-pain issue and can only stand @ my desktop setup; which I why i just got a laptop so I can sort of recline - but no net connection on it. Hence I have to go back n forth between them for access to Paint's Help etc. A downloadable version would be much less painful...but i'm not hopeful And one more xtra stupid :?: if I may :oops: As far as regular updates go...if I haven't got a net connection, can I just install the new PdN version over the old one via flash stick as they become available?
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