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  1. well looking at what else is on offer eg... gimp inkscape artweaver etc.. Parallels is the only option and just in case anyone else is interested I've got all the above and some other software installed and I have found (and remember this is my personal experience only!) what has taken me 5 min to do with PDN I still can't do with anything else... simple things like transparency, rotating and resizing an image, adding one image to another. I found impossible. for my tests I am creating themes for my sony ericsson mobile phone and while sony ericsson has a theme creator all images must be made, altered, resized, rotated etc.. in a capable image editor now I'm not a highly skilled person when it comes to using software like photoshop, PDN, Gimp,Inkscape and the like but with Paint.net I can do what I need to without any frustration or the need to spend hours reading tutorials on how to use the basic function of a program or trying to workout how to compile one script just to edit an image. So thanks to the Developers and Community of Paint.net what you have is in my opinion the best there is. and remember not all of us are uber talented graphic designers some of us get fed up and don't bother if a simple task makes us have a frankenstien moment and break something. thankyou keep up your great work and I hope I'm not the only one hoping one day we will see Paint.net for OS X (although I think maybe I'm just in dream land and it will never happen) but I can dream. thanks debray6379
  2. Ok Thanks once again I'll be sure to do that I'm really looking forward to a top of the range iMac they seem very impressive! Paint.net was the only app I would have miss but now I don't (p.s.. is it true that Parallels runs a little slower? I read that somewhere I'm not that concerned about it just curious?)
  3. so how does Parallels differ from Bootcamp I thought they did the same thing? I'm off to do some googleing
  4. like I said in first post I tried photoshop and didn't think much of it for the price.. I found it very hard/ complex to use compared to pdn.
  5. hey rick didn't think I actually get a response from you, thanks for your time like I said I will use bootcamp or Parallels but was hoping for a mac alternative. Pixelmator seems to be the best option so far
  6. isn't that similar to bootcamp? from what I've read so far bootcamp installs windows on the imac for you (but you need windows disc) or does it work differently??
  7. Pixelmator looks very good will try out the trial pitty it isn't free though... but if it's worth it the I'll be happy to pay for it thanks
  8. thanks I'll take a look but will only use wine if it's the best alternative {wine never worked for me when I had Linux hope it's better on a mac}
  9. Hi all :-D I been using PDN for a few years now and my personal opinion is it can't be beat but in the next few months I'll be getting a new iMac and have been looking for a close as possible alternative to PDN that I can use... My total experience before PDN was that god awful MS Pant YUCK!!!!!!!! then I found Paint.net and I haven't looked back, I find it easy to use yet very intuitive and powerful {it can do more than I'll ever be able to :oops: ) yet when I wanted to learn how to do something new I found it very easy to do so. the forums have been great!, plugins easy to add, the UI easy to use and get to know and uncluttered! So I would like to know if anyone can please suggest an alternative??? I've tried The Gimp, Inkscape, Photoshop... but all seem very complex and I keep feeling like my skill level is not high enough to use them, I get confused when I want to do what was a simple task in PDN (like making icons, themes for my phone, editing my photos, or any image at all really) I'm not bagging these others they are all very good but for a real amateur like me it all gets too much and I just don't bother or go straight back to Paint.net... I will have windoze install on bootcamp and I will have Paint.net installed there but I would really like a free alternative for the iMac as well and thought the best place to ask would be here cause if the PDN community couldn't give me an unbiased opinion then no one would I think. thankyou for taking the time to read and help also does anyone know anything about paint mono? and would it work on a mac? and I would like to thank everyone at PDN for a GREAT app keep up the good work!!
  10. hey thanks for the advice I'll get the plugin now if only there was a way to even convert templates to paint.net I am willing to try anything... is there a better program out there at all that is compatible with these templates??? thanks Ray P.S try the cd stomper pro software and see how bad it is you will wonder what drugs they are on lol lol
  11. Hi all been a while since I've been around but I have just got a CDSTOMPER PRO cd/dvd labelling kit and with it came what has to be the worst program I have ever seen!! it's called click 'n' design here are the two links one is the cdstomper page the other is for templates http://www.cdstomper.com.au/ templates for word in doc format? http://www.cdstomper.com/downloads/down ... lates.html I was just thinking if it is at all possible in any way to get/use or make templates so I can make and print cd/dvd labels using paint.net as I believe it would make the whole process much better and I would be able to get far better results the click 'n' design isn't very nice to use {unless you use their designs} pics don't line up properly and image manipulation is torture. all I would like is to use paint.net to make and print my cd/dvd labels but I do not know how to create or import templates so I would like to ask if anyone would be kind enough to help me out it would be good if it is possible to still see the templates lines when I aply a picture over the top as this is how I reference what it should look like before I print it out to the labels any help would be great thanks Ray
  12. I've been trying to do the same mate let me know how you go!!?? but I've also found you need to be very apt at creating anything on paint dot net and I like you am not so I just gave up and don't bother any more!! the pic you have is from my first post and is created very skillfully by ncfan51 but I still cannot get it as good as they can but good luck and all the best maybe you will get better results than I did
  13. I am still Trying to get exactly what you have done is there a step by step tutorial??.. I'm having trouble with the base part?? thank you the way you have the colors is amazing! and it looks like it shines!!
  14. Not as far as I can tell. :wink: I would say to make your shape in solid white, then use the gradient tool set to :AlphaChannel: to make the thing partially transparent. I would then duplicate the layer, and erase what wouldn't be a part of the reflection. For the reflections of the icons, simply duplicate the icon's layer, flip that layer upside down, move it so that it's touching the bottom of the original icon with its corresponding parts, and use the gradient tool again set on :AlphaChannel: mode, to make the reflection partially transparent. Hope this helps. Ok thanks so very much peoples Will give it a try and let you know how it turns out I'm still learning with paint.net and never done anything like this before and you all make it look so easy :oops:
  15. I guess the dock I would like to master getting a picture to sit on or above a platform and have reflections like the icons do on the dock and if possible have the dock a little transparent.. but 1 step at a time I think? Thanks for your help!
  16. Ok first of all I have just started using paint.net and I would recommend it to anyone THANKS TO ALL!! But as a learner I would like to know how to make pics like this>>> I would like to learn as I make themes for my mobile with sony ericsson theme creator P.S!.. Sorry if I am asking a question that has already been asked and answered I have not found it yet if I have just show me the way please thanks for your time!!!
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