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  1. @olli 9/10 love the design @darkshock 8/10 like the black and white style
  2. i know my sigs a bit basic, so i tried another one: please rate the new one!
  3. ^ has an awesome sig < is goin to projekt revolution in UK (and loves pdn) v is probably cooler than me!
  4. 9/10 love the text and the arrows. the colours are awesome.
  5. @brandon.roeder 8/10 I like the silouette and the colourful background.
  6. i love the first two Really good work!
  7. GT52

    GT52's Gallery

    Has anyone got constructive critism for my work?
  8. GT52

    GT52's Gallery

    Oooopps! lol ill sort it out!
  9. GT52

    GT52's Gallery

    Thanx ive edited it now
  10. Hey, Heres my work so far: 2 tone supra in this i used the add on colour flip/rotate Biohazard emblem hand with fireball psp background sauron (freehand) Speaker with soundwaves silouette of me! edit: some of my sigs Here are some patterns and pics i've made using tutorials: pattern 1 pattern 2 pattern 3 pattern 4 crystalline effect explosion fiery eye gt52 sig ignite sig red rose red matrix please comment and give constuctive criticism/tips. Thanx
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