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  1. All over here it says open and move so I am getting confused, I have tried to save the folder (Zip) or just saving the .dll to the effects folder and all works now phew. sorry if I sound like a blonde I'm a newb
  2. oops I pressed the wrong button to put it on a certain page sorry newb here
  3. I noticed that I cannot download the .dll from peoples wesbites only if the attachment was on the forum can someone attach it on here please?
  4. Hey, I cannot download the plug-in from the website it says: - This file does not have a programme assocaited with it for performing this action. Create an assocation in the Set Assiocation control panel. Can someone please help as I'm getting this error for a few of the plug-ins that I want. Is there another .DLL I can download??
  5. I am trying to download the align plug in and it will not let me?? I have tried looking for it all over this forum and this is the only one that has the link. It brings up this error message: - "This file does not have a programme associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Assocations control panel" Can someone please help ASAP Thanks