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  1. Wait how many thumbs do yoou have!?=P haha well thanks. I'm leaving for soccer camp today I'll be gone for about a week. So while I'm gone leave me some comments and anything else you think should be added or taken out.
  2. Thanks man. First reply on any of my work And what do you mean a logo? Keep the comments coming
  3. Okay I've been working on my own and learning from the tutorials here for a while now, so I now i want to show off some of my work and get an idea of where I'm at. So please tell me what you think about them. Anything wrong? Love something? ideas? Thanks. One of my first attempts with PDN. Sigs: DrakenGuard Main character: Little flame added That one i had some fun with. Just some random things: Well I hope you enjoyed theese. Tell me whatchya think 8) ALSO PLEASE TELL ME IF I NEED TO CHANGE ANYTHING
  4. My current sig. Have two or three versions of that. One of my firsts. I like this one a lot.
  5. The rain animation background you used looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, the "veitox" message is somewhat annoying. It blinks and moves up and down too fast :shock: If you would've used the "veitox" frames, either at the top or the bottom, and just made it blink in one place, it would've been much better. Well at first I made that then made this one as well. I was looking for the other one but i couldn't find it :?
  6. I made this along time ago using pretty much the same method.
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