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  1. I just thought I'd ask. I have been using my brand-new PC to search for something, as I said before, but haven't come up with anything that fits the bill, but thanks for trying. (I started typing, but decided not to get into my specs as this is not a pissing contest, right?) As stated twice, the Windows Magnifier is the most inferior of any options I've tried. Constantly zooming in and out, panning, etc, takes me about 10x longer than it would if there was a small lens I could simply set and move around. Thanks again.
  2. The standalone magnifier I had on my old PC was excellent, actually, and I was able to use it for quick projects. It just wouldn't stay on top (it was supposed to and did when I simply clicked around but when selecting tools or another window, it'd hide). I can't remember its name or find a copy of it now, though. I only remember that it was made the same person who made a great standalone color picker, which was also very handy. Windows Magnifier is really terrible, comparatively. The distortion I mentioned isn't just a little de-resing but out-and-out shape change. If zooming always distorts and blurs, then PDN shouldn't have that handy zoom feature, or it shouldn't work so well... (I do know about pixels and what enlarging does, and that's not what I'm talking about here. I just want a simple zoom :ZoomIn: lens. Zoom to Selection :ZoomToSelection: is close, but I'd rather be able to keep an eye on the big picture without having to zoom in and out so much.)
  3. Thank you - it worked. I hadn't spent much time with ScriptLab before, as I didn't realize you could run effects from it. Sometimes I just know what I want to do, not exactly what it's called or where to find it.
  4. Oh! Thank you! After several years, I'm still learning.
  5. Hi, I hope this makes sense. First, I'll say that I've searched but haven't found what I'm looking for. If it's already available, please let me know. I'd like to have something like a magnifying glass to use while editing. When I'm working on small parts of large, high-res images (often over 12" at 300 DPI), zooming in and out and having to scroll around and find the details I need to work on is incredibly tedious and frustrating. It'd be great to be able to just load a magnifying glass that would stay on top and let me manipulate the image/layer below it. As a bonus, its zoom could be custom-set the same way the main image window is, and it could be toggled on and off with keystrokes and/or even reside in the View or Window menu. I know some of you may want to suggest using Windows' Magnifier, but it does not work for this at all. The image becomes too blurry and distorted and it seems to slow down my system. Everything I've tried to do using it has had to be redone. I've also tried a standalone magnifier in the past but it couldn't be made to 'stay on top' so it would leave focus when I tried to do anything. In the meantime, if anyone can recommend a good, clear standalone magnifier that fits my needs, please point me to it and I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  6. I'm so happy to see this. I've recently been thinking a lot about this, too; and/or the ability to resize while maintaining aspect ratio with Move Selected Pixels [] and even Move Selection []. Maybe that could be the function of the corner handles. A user could still stretch and manipulate the same way it is now with the left/right/top/bottom handles. Just a thought on these tools.
  7. Great tip! I'd forgotten I even had Effects Lab. However, and I realize this may not be the place for this, but I thought I'd just note that it only seems to work if you're searching the first word of an effect's name. Rather than repeat it here, I posted a question about it in the pack's thread: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8043-curtis-plugin-pack-update-for-354/page__view__findpost__p__332079
  8. I love and use several of these effects regularly. Thanks! However, I have a question/comment about searching within Effects Lab - it only seems to work well if you're searching the first word of an effect's name. For example, I have three effects with 'fractal' in their name (Fern fractal, Julia fractal, Mandelbrot fractal), but as I begin typing 'fra', all that is shown are Fragment and Frames. I'm pretty sure I have the latest version of EL as I've just recently installed everything on a new laptop (Win7). So my question is, am I doin' it wrong? If so, how can I broaden my results? If not, then my comment is, could a more dynamic search be considered for a future update? I'm not talking about more search parameters, but to show any and all search results. In the above example, I should see five items, not two. I can provide screen shots if anyone needs them. Thanks for 'listening'.
  9. Wow, thanks! I don't necessarily need it to be maintained - just names that I could use for reference would be enough for me. Thanks again!
  10. Is there a topical list of plugins available? I've had a bear of a time searching out filetype plugins. If a list of them exists, my apologies for not finding it.
  11. Huge panoramic windows on the Sound Worse on a message board: trolls or spammers?
  12. Likely true after the lunch I just finished. (Chewing lots of sugar free cinnamon gum though.) TPBM has a sister.
  13. :twisted: Rainbow brights or black & white? (As in favored aesthetics.)
  14. PC (The Bat from ritlabs.com) unicorn or pegasus?
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