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  1. Hi all, First, kudos on a great product! I love it! One problem I am seeing though, previously with v3.31, and also with 3.35 Beta. I have a 2GHz Pentium M single core processor, 2GB of memory, running on WinXP professional with SP3. I have a dual monitor configuration with both monitors running at 1280x1024. If I take a screenshot using SHIFT-PRINTSCREEN, I get the contents of both monitors. If I then open Paint.NET and paste the image, I get a prompt asking what to do with the canvas, and I choose EXPAND. The image pastes in fine, and I get the rectangular rubberband selection area around my image (2560x1024 is the canvas size). Note that the image appears in Paint.NET at 50% size so that the entire image is visible. At this point, the CPU goes to 99% utilization, and stays there. TaskManager shows that is Paint.NET using all the CPU. Even if I click over to a different app so that Paint.NET is running in the background, it keeps using 99%. If I change to the selection tool, and click in the image to remove the full-size selection box around my image, CPU utilization drops back to normal. Pressing CTRL-A to select the entire image again results in CPU going back up some (about 27% being used by Paint.NET). This is much better in 3.35 than it was in 3.31 as far as the CTRL-A behavior. It used to go back to 99% on CTRL-A with a large image also. Thanks George