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  1. Very nice for newsers (new users =P) Good Effect aswell. Matt469
  2. Perfect for new users. Good result aswell. Matt469
  3. I like this effect. Very nice. My result: ( I blurred 5, and sharpened 20, twice) Matt469
  4. good job! i really like the first one where you followed tuts
  5. hmmm... the second one is heaps better. and make them .jpeg's, that way they will load easier.
  6. the first one is the best. good Work!!!
  7. you seem like a really abstract artist... nice work!
  8. i prefer the backgrounds for the sigs. Really good!
  9. Whoa! SWEET POKER TABLE! can you write a tut for it?
  10. yeh, good work. I find that the pokeball is a little 'overexposed'
  11. Well done man! really good job. U do certainly have a logo sortof a thingy, dont you?
  12. GREAT! i cant believe how good that batman looks. Was that a stock?
  13. good job! keep up the good week. really good considering how long you have had it
  14. here, i re-did it. And a matching sig. What do you think?
  15. well, i was: 1. going to COMPLETELY redo the avvy 2. well... thats what you guys are here for. If i were to redo it, what would i do?
  16. Ok... Hi. er... well this is my (horrible) Avatar. Look below. Im just looking for something to do to it, as it is horrible. So, yeh, well, help would be appreciated. Cheers, Matt469
  17. oh ok, i didnt know if thats what it meant. Anyway, thanks for the welcome. . And i know the sizes for avvys and sigs. Because, well, i really know what to do, i just cant do it properly lol. Ive tried, and so far failed, miserably. This was the attempt:
  18. Yeh, I want a cool forum avatar. And, well, lets face it, you guys are the best. soooo could somebody please make me a forum avatar. I dont think this is against the rules, is it? Well, anyway, if somebody could do it, it would be most appreciated. Cheers, Matt469
  19. You are the best PDN user I have ever seen! Along with Ash. You are damn BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers, and keep it up, Matt469
  20. Your work is brilliant! Ordinary, as if! I wish I could do that dragon 1, man thats cool! Keep it up! Cheers, Matt469
  21. Man, I LOVE This Tutorial. Well done Ash, just like all of your tuts, they're great. My Attempt: Not as good as most of yours but, meh. Cheers, and hope to get to know you, Matt469
  22. meh. I don't particuarly like the style of it. I want something better. Really professional. Cheers, Matt469
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