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  1. Thats the picture, I'm trying to make all the white bits transparent but I can't. I started off with the new canvas transparent, and it worked the whole time I was making the pic but when I saved it as JPG and uploaded it, it became white again, I also tried saving it as GIF but that didn't work either. Help please?
  2. Whew, this one was hard, I got a bit stuck at the end so I made some of it up xP
  3. I'm having a bit of trouble with plugins, can someone help me? As far as I can see, everything's right. My effects folder has the Shape 3-D pluin in it, and I've restarted PDN but I can't see the new effect
  4. I'm a bt dumb on this and embarrased to admit, how do I extract the ZIPs so that the DLLs are directly in the Effects folder. And yes, I did restart Paint.net. Even a few times to check.
  5. I've done it all on IE but I've now got a lot of plugins in Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects but none of them will come up in the Effects drop down menu on Paint.net when I open it. And I can't use them
  6. The tutorial doesn't work, because when it says "Step 2) In the "Save As..." box, change your directory to your Paint.NET effects directory. If your system is like mine, you should see it in C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects" My one goes straight to a downloads box, and if I double click the plugin it comes up with a bx like I've posted above, and gives me an access denied, or something =/
  7. I get this I'll try read the tutorial. Thanks both.
  8. Hey, so I'm a newbie to PDn and the forums and I need a bit of help... I'm a bit stuck on downloading plugins, because I can't figure out how to get them to work. I'ts probably blindingly obvious, but can someone help me anyway? Thanks. I'll just post an example. I go here to download the Shape 3D plugin http://mkt.t-cat.biz/pdn/3.htm#3 and click Mirror (from this website) ZIP. It comes up with And I click OK Then I get: and click close. And I'm left with What do I do now? Or have I done something wrond before this?
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