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  1. Barbieq25, I really, really enjoyed going through your tutorial!

    Though my 'puter needed to blow off some steam...

    Here's my result:


    I learned quite some new stuff while working. Thanks!

  2. Hi all!

    Loooong time ago, when I first started working with PDN, I did a tutorial from this forum creating this:



    Today I've been browsing and searching the Tutorial forum to find it again, but it seems like it's gone...???

    Thought is was "phoenix on fire". Found a link to it, but it wasn't working... :(

    I'd love to know how I did it, for I'd like to use the effects in another creation.

    I tried, and it's more than just circles and dents...

    Anybody can help?

    Thanks a lot in advance!!


  3. @ Zizoiz: thanks! :D (I know the design looks complex, but I wanted to experiment with the possibilities of layers.)

    @ KonArtist: wow! The edge seems to be on fire. It has some beautiful details! Don't think it's 'rusty' at all. (But, ey, I'm still a noob...)

  4. Tada! :D

    My first piece of art 'all by myself'!

    (As in: not playing around with a tutorial 8) )

    I named it 'Chain', no idea why... :wink:


    By the way:

    I think pdn is awsome and I do learn a lot from this forum!

    And this umbrella contains some fine artwork.

    @janettsue: it's sweet, I like it

    @welshblue: cute hatz 8)

    @mike ryan: is that pdn? :shock:

  5. Hey Mike, thanks a lot!

    Really some good advice for a newbie as I am!

    1. Sure having fun!

    2. First need to find out what's even possible...

    3. Check!

    4. Guidelines... eehh... :?:

    5. :roll:

    6. I will!!

    7. I do! It's fun and I learn a lot about PDN that way!

    8 + 9 + 10. Should be working on them...

    Just found out that I really need to go for a healthier paint.net life :D

  6. Hey! :)

    New member on board!

    I discovered Paint.NET just about a month ago, sort of by accident.

    Quite a happy accident, I must say! :mrgreen:

    Now I have been browsing this forum ever since and learned a lot about the program. Tried some of the tutorials. And having so much fun!

    (Though it's not that good at all for finishing my masters... :roll: )

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