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  1. I don't know what may be going wrong. The first explination came out right with the flower and then the second explination with the flower and the hue and saturation didn't. I did have an error when downloading the hue and saturation. Did anyone else get this error? I go through your instructions and I am not getting the same results. I will learn this!!! I also love the photos of the towers! I used to live in NY and man do I miss them. NG
  2. Everything you mentioned I got except one main thing. adding the new color. I was able to make the old color remain while the back ground went to the black and white. Even with the hue and saturation it didn't change anything. Did I not do something correctly. I followed your instruction to the T or so I thought. I even tried to use the recolor but I don't know how to enjoy that to the fullest either. Would you like to enlighten me on that? Your a jewel... Thanks NG
  3. Thank you for the reply. I am playing with the adjustments, it's goes right into Auto level, black and white, brightness and contrast, curves hues and saturation. ( needless to say mine little charge doesn't look like your chart here) invert colors, level and sefia. is there another spot where I should be looking for your chart? Thanks a bunch! NG
  4. You are tooo awesome! Gosh I wish I could have you here in my office while fiddleing with the program!!!! I will be playing with this tonight. Where do you live? Can I e-mail you questions through the night? I'm in Florida. NG
  5. I have a question! Will paint allow to to have a black and white photo then enter a new color in a spot? for instance the photo above is of a yellow flower and a beautiful black and white background. Can I change that flower to pink? I have my fingers crossed!!!
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