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  1. My vote went to Rick, because I haven't been here long enough to make up my mind - I pick our fearless leader. Or rather, my fearless leader.
  2. Save the screenshot in MSpaint and then open in PDN? I've never used RD before, so I wouldn't know unfortunately.
  3. Second attempt. Love this tutorial. Thanks!
  4. Ahh, Twilight. The love of my loins and the bearer of my heart. Honestly, I don't think I want to see the Twilight move in sheer fear that it'll totally ruin the book. I like the signature, overall. The only problem I see with the Twilight one is that the layers of Edward and Bella is easily distinguishable. Not totally sure how to fix that, to be honest. I've only had PDN a few days myself, and it happens to be my first picture manipulation/editting application other than Paint. Great work.
  5. Personally, I love it the way it is. I wouldn't know where to start if I tried with that. Looks amazing. :] Kudos to you. Keep it up.
  6. I don't think I completely comprehend what you're trying to say. Could you please post a screenshot of what you're currently up to? The way I did it was simple: I finished with the flattened image and I used Conditional Hue/Saturation to change the colour of the flower (it is, afterall, the only coloured object in the image). I then duplicated the layer and Gaussian Blurred the top layer, and then halved the opacity of that layer to create a softer effect. Could you elaborate a bit more, so we can get an idea? Or, what would you like me to elaborate more? Which step, exactly?
  7. Usually, I wear the same thing all year round: Blue or Black jeans. T-shirt. Most likely black or dark blue. Black hoody/jacket. Blue wristband (RUBBER). Billabong Belt, black. White socks. White tennis shoes/white basketball shoes, sometimes I get into some Converse. Most times not. Usually black Converse. As you can tell, I like black. School: White shirt. White muscle-shirt underneath. Red/burgandy sweater/jumper. Gray dress-pants. Black billabong belt. Red/white tie. Blue Blazer. Blue school satchel. Occasionally, a blue sprayjacket, depending on the weather. :] My wonderful attire.
  8. Sure, sure. I added a link in the same post as I presented the other chart, that takes you to the Plugin that gives you Conditional Hue/Saturation. Link: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1102 Download the .dll file to your Effects folder in your Paint.NET program files. (Should be like this: C: Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects) Close Paint.NET. Reopen it, and try again from the first step I gave you.
  9. Fiddling with Conditional Hue and Saturation (http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1102) (and a little Gaussian Blur with reduced opacity on a duplicated layer to remove some of the grittiness), I got: Sorry, Thomas. I used your image. Too lazy to recreate it. Steps: Opened up Thomas's Flower. 1. Adjustments -> Conditional Hue/Saturation and enter around these values (fiddle with it): 2. Duplicate the layer. 3. To the top layer: Effects -> Blurs -> Gaussian Blur with a radius of 6. 4. Open up the layer properties for the top layer (the one you just modified) and change the opacity to around 110-130. This gets rid of some of the distortion after you use Conditional Hue/Saturation. There are probably more ways to do it, and considering I'm only new to the programme myself, I found that the easiest way to do it.
  10. ♥ Inverted colours, added a textile effect, increased canvas size, deleted parts of it and voila.
  11. Uhhm. At the moment: "Waiting On A War" - 36 Crazy Fists. Next: ATFS Ep. 19 - Spoonman, Garfield and Odie. (Triple M radio show podcast). Later: "My Love" - Westlife. Funn night.
  12. Reminds me oddly of my best friend, somehow. He tells the most amazingly-unfunny jokes you may ever hear (unless you can come out with more?). They're most oftenly so amazingly-unfunny that they're hilarious. I'm Mitchell, by the way. I hail from Auckland, New Zealand, but am currently a permanent residence of Victoria, Australia. I'm fifteen years of age, completing my first two units of Specialist Mathematics and first two units of Business and Finance (they're probably different categories/subjects elsewhere, but that is what they're called here). I started using PDN on Sunday, and recently sought out the help of some tutorials posted around on this site - gladly taking the steps and stuffing them some place probably already cluttered with short-term memory I barely ever use. Useless knowledge. Hopefully, this doesn't become one of those useless obsessions and I finally get to do something with it. :] I have a beautiful fourteen year old sister, and wonderful parents who provide for me. I am glad when I say that I do not have problems - other than the mental one I'm supposed to be seeking help for (narcissism). I know I should not complain about how bad I feel sometimes - because I obviously have everything I could ever want - but more often than not, I'm open about how I feel and don't really care what you think. ♥ Hopefully you all understand when I say that I am barely ever narcissistic/self-absorbed on the internet, and you are all saved from my fury. There's no need to be afraid of me. :]
  13. First attempt: I might go through and edit the colours at a later stage. I'm pretty happy with it overall. It is, afterall, my first manipulated image from scratch. :] Tut or not, I'm proud of myself. Hehe. @Tylertut: great work, mate. Done this before? Great outcome.
  14. Bit controversial on my behalf: Added Sepia to the bottom layer. :] Thanks for the tut.
  15. My first attempt at both PDN and this tutorial (): Added some noise at the end. :]
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