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  1. I've looked around for anything of this type and haven't much luck. I would like to suggest an effect that takes a layer's color amount of the channel (input by the user (R,G B or even A)). Use the layer that you are currently selecting to apply a value of distortion to the layer under it. Sort of like how a bump mapping program works, but instead of creating an image to bump map its using an image to distort another. If you understand, would you think it were possible or just too hard?
  2. Thank you, that's what i needed to know, even the plugin you recommended would work better than editing/ or making a flood anyways (without too much unnecessary work).
  3. I sure hope no one has asked this yet, or posted a question abut this already but I have found nothing. Is there any way possible to create a new or Edit an existing Fill Effect? It would help a lot.
  4. (i can't believe i forgot in the first line )Read the topic name.. Sprite sheet separator/maker, somehting so that i can make individual sprites without the worry of overlapping sprite squares or missing 1 line.
  5. Follow the attachment with the following text: Step1: Click Sprite Sheet Separator in the effects (or some other) menu Step 2: Set individual sprite size ; click ok. Step 3: Draw the sprites, after You're done with on sprite click next and keep doing that, then click Compile. -- I didn't include this in the picture, but there will eb another button by Compile called new row and you should pretty much know what that does.
  6. I dont know if anyone had already made a suggestion topic but i don't want to go lookign for it right now, so post suggestions here... First suggestion, setting more line joints! you know the little block things that make a line a curve? yeah, i want a little dropdown list to add more joints to the line! okay i am not sure if this is possible so far but i have a multicolor image right? well you know the set image to grayscale button? (Black & White) well i would like that, but sets to any gradiants of any other color, does the same thing as to black and white but a different color. that's all suggestions for now, if these are already made, just let me know.
  7. I edited this using... Color Balance, Fern Fractal, Scan Lines, Glow. Yay!