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  1. MiguelPereira, I do believe you sent me right back to where I posted originally. I will wait until someone can tell me how to fix this problem. Thank you
  2. I must not be new anymore since I did exactly as David Atwell suggested to use the filled rectangle with rotate/zoom to get the right angle on the box. As I have stated previously, I am not good at using the lasso tool which I am sure is very effective in some instances, so I used the Cutting out images tut. What took the longest, to me, was find the right picture for this. As I work on the tut more and more, I am sure I will find it easier to pick out fabulous pics to use. Here is my attempt and I am very proud of the results:
  3. I sorta figured out that I have a corrupt file since it says System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. but it is not telling me where the corruption is or how to fix it. So I am not sure if I have to just reinstall the Custom Brush Plug-in or the PDN program. As far as the troubleshooting plugin errors is the topic of the subject plugin, isn't this the Custom Brush plug-in? Or did I make a mistake again. I am so confused as to what to do next. Have I shown enough of my ignorance in this subject??. I r
  4. I have PDN v 3.35 with OS Windows XP and every time I try to use the custom brush plug-in, PDN crashes. It never did this with PDN v 3.31. I am sure this is a simple fix but I don't know how to do it. This is part of the crash log. Exception details: System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. at System.Drawing.SafeNativeMethods.Gdip.GdipDrawImageRectI(HandleRef graphics, HandleRef image, Int32 x, Int32 y, Int32 width, Int32 height) at System.Drawing.Graphics.DrawImage(Image image, Int32 x, In
  5. I just ran into a problem which I am sure is minor but I have no idea how to fix this. I tried to create a new image which I was going to use a custom brush to help me create. The minute it tries to load the custom brush window, PDN crashes. I am working on an IBM Thinkpad 2G HD, Windows XP Pro. I have tried to attached the file below only to have an error message say The extension log is not allowed.. So I am not quite sure what to do now. Can you help me?? :?
  6. ccll

    Kiosk Orbs!

    I asked the same question Kepke, days ago and still got no response, although I was told by someone I would get a faster response in tut than in GD. :? Good Luck and I hope you find out. When you do, could you let me know :?: :?:
  7. ccll

    Kiosk Orbs!

    Two weeks I have been at the tuts and I find everyday they change. Fantastic! I happened on this one and while it was not the 1st tut I have done, it is by far the most advanced tut and I was able to do it in 1 shot. I am having a problem and I really need help with this. HOW in the world do you all get them shadows? I tried rotate/zoom, oblique, tube oblique and I can't get my shadow down on the ground!! Hehehehe. I haven't even attempted reflefctions as of yet. Could someone please explain? Here is what I have so far: If reflections are not that hard to explain or if there is a tut that w
  8. I know everyone is busy but I really am anxious to learn all I can. Please help me to understand what I should do regarding the previous statement of outdated plugin parameters. I appreciate any and all help that is available. Thanx :?
  9. Here are just two of the tutorials I have had problems following: Making a ring / border with a gradient in it (for HITMAN-X-) My Polar Inversion (not sure if its Tom's or a newer one) the Amount goes from -4 to 4 so I changed the -200 to -2 but Quality only goes to 5 and I'm not sure how to adjust for that. I also believe the Gaussian Blur at 50px is wrong because the image literally disappears. The results I got from that tut is: http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj91 ... adient.png Trace on Sand Tut I realize it has been sometime since this tut was originally posted but without the
  10. I am no expert by any means but couldn't you cut the basketball from the pic its on and then paste it to the building pic, moving it to where you needed it? I did that with a peach and a dog and it seem to work fine. Hope this helps.
  11. Ahh Thanx. I have started on Page 1 with all the stickies for sure and there is a lot to learn but I am finding that some tuts are out of date and I cannot get the effect. Blurs are too much and image disappears or Polar Inversion has adjustments that I can't accomplish as mine does not go that high or low. How do I go about finding more or updated info on the tuts?
  12. Hi I am extremely new to even making wonderful graphics. I have been doing this for 8 days now. I have started with the tutorials and am still on the very first page. With over 20 pages of tutorials and a lot for me to learn to get anywhere close to where everyone else is, where do you suggest I start to get the best understanding of all the features of Paint.NET. I have done some simple items to place on our league page but nothing spectacular like the items I have seen. I appreciate any and all input.
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