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  1. Are you going crazy guys? Alternative ways doen't give us the same freedom and working with them consumps more time That is the reason why i unistalled paint.net 4.1 because there is no Freeform Shape tool! I can't beleive that someone suggested to leave it out. My favourite and one of the most useful tool . Please Rick add it again!
  2. In dual view always appears the Shape3D's Settings window on the second monitor. It does not matter that is swicthed on or not.
  3. I've got the solution!!! I use my PC with a HDMI connected plasma with Dual View option... And the situation is , that the Shape3D settings window always appears on the second monitor in Dual View mode (If anybody press and hold down on the Shape3D settings window's caption, will able to move it back to the first monitor in Dual View mode)
  4. Did you try Enter and Backspace ? Both of them works and do the same thing : steps back in History
  5. Hi BB! If I press Enter key after a good looking ball what Shape3D made, PDN go back to the prevoius state. (Same as I press Backspace as I told it few months before.) So the fact: PDN does not freeze, just the Shape3D settings window does not appear on the screen, and Shape3D always able to make a ball, nothing else. What do you think, which is the solution ?
  6. This dark one is very good! Nice fractals, good choice of colours.
  7. mesa

    ez*'s Gallery

    I like the cherry's picture. Good job.
  8. If you used stocks, it's not 100% PDN. Besides that, I think it's done well. Yes, you're right. I used stock images. Thank you.
  9. 'handkini' :arrow: it soundz so cool!
  10. Thank You 007 Nab. As I wrote, no pornography, no nudity, just girls and cars... :oops: (This beautiful woman has a G-string, and she's arms hide everything else) The most important is that made 100% paint.net. I would like to know the feedback about how high the skill of my handling it. Thank you very much.
  11. Here is one from my wallpaper series created for my site. Check out more in my gallery, and let me know what are you thinking about them! Give 5 points for the best ! (Just girls and cars, no pornography - 10 pcs) Image Removed
  12. mesa


    Some wallpaper creations (click to get by 1600x1200) :
  13. Wow. It's looking amazing. Super realistic image. Grat!
  14. mesa


    Thanks jedi12!
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