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    An apparent overuse of brackets.
    Im in college studying Psychology, Sociology and Health&Social Care with an interest in pursuing it into a career as a Family Support Worker. I studied Accounting but only because i was good at it - dropped it because it bored me.
    Play bass guitar, have always been a fast learner and have an overactive imagination that escapes me from time to time.
    I chat on quite a bit too and pride myself on my ability to control my perfectionist nature :)
  1. i love the way the grass looks against the tree ZizOiz, good job
  2. Can you post the pic to see the image you're dealing with? If its like RedHereBlackHere then the area thats red, cut, paste in new layer, same again for the black area. If it's a more complex image with gradients it may be more complicated and the areas could need cutting (or seperating with a method i don't know ^^,) Post image and i'll have a gander, see if i can help
  3. That would actually be really useful, i'd deffo want it
  4. You sound passionate and creative, i'm sure you'll be right at home in this place Looking forward to seeing your work, and welcome
  5. Why not? Although people can easily cheat this, it'll be interesting to see what lyrics people find interesting and memorable Yours was Sara Bareilles - Love Song, although i would've prefered Tokio Hotel me thinks My lyric for this game shall be a one liner, just cause the idea of it amazes me "The Past Is Only The Future With The Lights On"
  6. Personally i'd cut the two images by hand like in the Cutting Out Images the Easy Way tutorial, then paste them in separate layers where you can move them about and alter them later, changing their opacity if needed. I find that leaves bits of noise around the original stock and end up fiddling with the tolerance over and over This'd also be good practice for when cutting images on busier backgrounds in the future need transparent backgrounds.
  7. Noone seems to agree with this, but i'd want it to be snowy but warm. Why do people prefer sun and scolding heats to snow? I've never been abroad, but i'd want to go snowboarding over surfing. 8) It'd have tree's but not flowers.. Mainly cause i've been stung by far too many bees And never seen a bee climb a tree. And the sun? Yeah, o <-Thats what it'd be like. Imagine looking at the world as if someone'd messed with the hue? I mean, oh wow. Plus, no more blinding lights :idea: Hm, i dunno really :scratchs head:
  8. That tree looks really good as it is, can't wait to see it completed Very well done
  9. I've honestly nevr heard of Haze! Odd I want cod4, im too poor aha - just completed Gears of War and Guitar Hero 2&3 over the weekend with a mate due to drunken boredom I want the orange box too Maybe my spare time should be spent on getting a job, not filling time on Pdn and pdn forums... Edit--Nahh.
  10. I'm on shuffle with my Blink 182, Boxcar Racer, Plus 44, Angels and Airwaves, Greenday, Foxboro Hot Tubs, Pendulum, InnerPartySystem, Billy Talent discogrpahies (My pendulum discog is incomplete ;P) Atm it's on Online Songs - Blink 182
  11. I've nothing against soccer, but that head makes me smile He looks so gormless, i just want to give the lad a cookie! I think y'need to change your font though mate, make it stand out abit like in your sig. 6/10 not looking forward to the comments on mine
  12. See, now i feel really sad compared to you guys Note, the blink thing was Originally not there. The heart is from my old wallpaper and did match =]
  13. Okay well my name is Christopher Osbaldeston? But that's just annoying tbh So i shorten it EVERYWHERE Then my family copied, most of our mail is directed to Chris Deston and Kath Deston (My mum) Osbaldeston is the explanation of my nick too, Ozzy, from when someone attempted to read my name and gave up leaving it as "That Ozzy Deston Guy"
  14. Sorry for posting in wrong topic Ash "General Discussion & Questions.. ...do you have suggestions, requests, or how-to questions? Post here!" seemed like the right place, i never thought of looking in the Pictorium, but it's found it's way home now What method might that be? I'm open to any suggestions.. And that bubble tut may actually help, although Step 12 will confuse me no doubts (http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2546&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=bubble) Seems like the best bet I used the Fur tut as my basic outline, Rectangles-Gaus Blur-J
  15. Is what i'm hoping to make. This is my first post and i plan on posting my gallery soon but for the moment i was hoping anyone could give me help/advice/hints/tips Heres what i have so far: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=wireas&s=3 Heres a nice li'l list of things i'd appreciate advice on :Angel: The top bit of the ship, i want either rectangular sections with lighting? How would i go about this? The, what i'll describe as a "Cockpit" to be more, real? I will be putting an alien in there but i want it more Glass-like than Bubble-like The grass to be a bit bett
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