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  1. Paint.net is awesome :D

  2. wow so simple but so effective, u didn't really need it on ureself tho
  3. Really good gallery r u sure your new 2 pdn. i like the second one looks kinda like a wine glass. what tut did u use 4 the blood spatter, or did u? anyways PM or reply here if u want.
  4. i made that for my msn display pic so i think it counts as an avitar also my sig of course
  5. nice diverse gallery, i like the raindrop picture, very realistic
  6. OMG you all have amazing Computers i'm to cheap 2 by my own so i have a used one Company : HP Laptop or Desktop: laptop a very bad one at that OS : windows Vista home premium Processor: Dual core NVIDIA Motherboard: AMD Turion 64 X2 How much HD space: 2 hdds one was planted by the previous owner 40GB + 100GB How much RAM: not a lot
  7. Ya this is me, i'm 15, i don't smoke cuz I'm not sad, i just did that 2 piss of my dad i know there's no air brush i look good enough without any oh also the picture is huge! cuz it was taken with an HD camera 1440 x somethng
  8. Make a new layer when you past it that should get rid of it, also if you don't like the annoying checkerboard pattern in the back make a white background and make it invisible once u flatten the image
  9. Nice work i like the shrek one really good blending. also to make a clickable thumbnail do [url=http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d194/jdog1969/Bubble1.png][img=http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d194/jdog1969/Bubble1_th.png][/url] look at the _th b4 the .png output:
  10. really good work, the only little thing I'd comment on is the two streaks of blood in the center, maybe some blurs or a really small amount of dents would get it to blend, but other than that a really good job. if you can can you PM me the brushes that you used for that blood
  11. Well i thought it would kinda useful to be able to save your undo list with your pdn image so that when it's loaded you could track back some of your steps, it would be really useful for me seeing as i can't remember how i made most of my art. just and idea?
  12. i tried the click able thumbnail exactly like the one your posted but it didn't resize the image?
  13. it was meant to be blood spatter but i couldn't get it to work.
  14. nah you pretty much got it. but i keep being drawn, back here.... i don't know why?! it must be that mysterious dot that's on the icon for this thread? does anyone know what that is?
  15. Hmmm...but it's not an argument, it's called humor :wink: i wish i read the whole thing then i might of got it
  16. wow....ummm i don't think i want to post here :shock: (not the idiotic argument thread)??
  17. [longer than i expected] Well, i was reading this awesome book about this virus spreading throughout the world, and the chaos and anarchy that people went through. in this 'mystical' book people became panicked and so much in fact turned and charged huge obedience to anyone who had a plan, no matter how evil or diabolical. and the word pestilence came up a lot in this book, so i searched up the definitions: 1: a contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is virulent and devastating 2: something that is destructive or pernicious 3: an evil influence and i thought, wow! thats would be an awesome concept, you know how i act like a virus, moving from house to house devastating everyone in it with my sarcasm and wit, and eventually making them sarcastic, destroying their household, and by doing so possessing an evil influence over them. I like the microword, and i love how viruses work. and i just thought that it make a good name?. Also you feel as though your being watched by the face which has been fused into the cell/fireball/orb/virus next to my name.
  18. 7/10 for the first one, 8/10 if you drew the guy yourself 8/10 for the second one, i think the text is a bit off putting
  19. I wanted to make an orb, i did then i changed its color, and added some effects and straps and decided to make it nitro
  20. The pestilence cell copy (attempt) Cause: This is an attempted replication of the pestilence official cell. with the original i was playing with the clouds and effects and then i got the cell as an outcome. Time: 23 minutes How to: not really sure :?: play with the clouds, duplicate layer make a bulge 100 on one, -200 on the other make the top layer XOR, then mere layer down/flatten duplicate layer, splinter 4 spikes glow mess with the layers till you get a good effect then zoom blur dents guassain blur, heavy curves select other layer, lens twist, low wobble Nitro Cause: I saw Jzvsomething's sig and i tried to copy it, i did, then i wanted to finish it, i had an orb; that was green; and the first thing that came into my head, that was nitro. Time: 2.5 hours How to: Use the circle select tool, hold control choose a color, then go to gradient and select the second color as black (makes a rounded effect) make a new layer select the background of the circle go to the layer and ctrl + i make it white, then resize and reshape it, and move it to the top of the orb, select the gradient tool and go into transparency mode and make it translucent (this gives it a shiny effect). make a new layer, select the circle select tool & make it white, then on the layers make it's opacity less then find a way to select the whole circle (i'm to tired to type), while still selected make a new layer make the whole thing white make curvy line through the white part, select what you don't want and delete & the black line use the gradient tool on transparency mode. orb done. Pestilence sig Damn thats big! Cause: I needed a signature, i was loney on the forums, being the only guy without a sig, so i made one. I added the cell i made a week earlier cuz it suited. Time: 1.4 hours How to: CONFIDENTIAL Smokin' hot Cause: Testing, bored, Tired, and curious Time:30 minutes How to: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2758 Browsepoint smalltype Cause: I needed a smalltype for my new site, and I'm proud to say that it's 100% pdn. i went through about 20 drafts before i came to this one, and apparently it's web 2.0? whatever that is. please advise...? Time:20 minutes How to: CONFIDENTIAL Proof Cause: photographic proof for funny games. Time: 13 minutes Star Cause: just to see if i could Time: 26 minutes Titanic What is it: Wallpaper Time: 2 days Health What is it?: it is a logo made for my Physics class time:10 minutes + 2 minutes experimenting Jelly plus what is it: it is a circle, with a plus on top Time: 17 minutes Valentines card What is it: it is a flat image with rotation and a blank canvas on the back to give it a 2 paged feel time: 5 minutes The answer to life Time: 40 minutes Dream car Time: 1 hour spread over a couple of days DMT - Dimethyltriptamine Time: ~ 3 hours
  21. Really? I thought this was the PDN forum..... you see thats what makes me mad!
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