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  1. Very well done, 7/10 but it scares me for some reason...
  2. I have dialup internet, so if I'm downloading a large file, I'll leave it on all night until I wake up and see its done. Other than that, I turn it off.
  3. 8/10 Very clean, sharp looking sig. Really cool. I don't really like the pic in my sig... But I wanted to see if anyone could give any suggestions or something.
  4. 6/10 nice fire BG with what looks to be a small border. but I like the text with it. Gives it a cool look.
  5. *deleted* Edited: Don't think I like this place much XD I'm dadashi
  6. Five Finger Death Punch - Can't Heal You Metal music = Anger music. grrr...
  7. ^x2: I like Seether's song "Fake It" and "Rise Above This" ^x1: Talking about music and giving extra info is a good thing lol. Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife (I have all their albums and their DVD)
  8. Disturbed - Liberate Next up is... Disturbed - Inside The Fire
  9. ^ is very correct... < Wants to be hugged V won't hug me
  10. Well I'll join in the "fun" of this topic. Here I am, no edits, just the pic made smaller so I could post it. I'm wearing a hat thingy, I was tired and looking out my window when I took the pic, plus, I'm not a smiley person, a smirk is usually all you'll get... I have very long brown hair, hangs past my shoulders to the top/mid section of my back. But that will perhaps be seen in later pictures.
  11. 8/10 Very urban feeling. It looks like it could be some kind of logo. I like it.
  12. Thank you very much. *bows* And as for the picture, I'm guessing you mean Orihime. And If thats correct, I found this picture be scowering google AGAIN lol. I'm not totally sure if this is where I first found it, but it is the EXACT same picture that I rendered her from. (warning to sensitive viwers. This picture contains a good bit of cleavage, BUT no actual nudity.)Here is the link: http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc52/Pete_N_Pete/Bleach/Groups/Girls_of_Bleach.jpg More comments, questions, or suggestions will be enjoyed. Thank you.
  13. Hello, and welcome to my gallery. I'm still working on getting better, at making and editing pictures. It's a very fun, and interesting hobby. I'll be adding new stuff as I go along. Comments, will be very much appreciated. Be harsh if you... If you want to make me cry... T_T lol. Obviously I'm NOT claming I made the character. I never make any of the characters. I render them and edit them ect... I'm claming nothing. I just like having fun editing pics and making sigs. Comment what ones you want to, or all of them. Thank you. V*~---Anime Sigs---~*V First try at this style. Hitsugaya Toushirou. A character from the anime Bleach. I did not render this character, I found the render the following site. Source for Character: List View of renders <-- slection page for other files including that render. file n04b.png is the file I downloaded. It is the only way I could get it as a png, not a bmp. I right clicked and "saved link as" thats how I got it.) Source for Background: Made using Paint.NET Second try at this style of sig. I wanted to try curving the "laser" light beam things lol. Orihime Inoue. A character from the anime Bleach. I did render this character. Source for Character: Orihime picture source Source for Background: Made using Paint.NET Third try at making this style of sig pics. Kisuke Urahara, character from the anime Bleach. I did render this character. Source for Character: Kisuke picture source (the original site I can't find, so I uploaded the pic to my photobucket) Source for Background: Made using Paint.NET End of the sigs for now. V*~---Desktop Pictures---~*V I used the following pics as a centered wallpapers on my desktop, with a black background, looks pretty cool to me. Hinata Hyuga <--- Click to see This is a combonation of two pictures all fixed up and yada yada. The character is Hinata Hyuga from the anime Naruto. I did render these characters. Foreground Character Source: 1st picture source Background Character Source: 2nd picture source Simple but cool I think. I rendered the character and pasted into the real background. Added the shadow and text. Source for Character: Orihime picture source Source for Background: Beach picture source End of desktop pictures for now. V*~---Music Sigs&Pics---~*V A sig for one of my favorite bands, Avenged Sevenfold. I know it's not great or techy, but I liked it a little. I inverted the color of the pic, then added a black line borded around it and ect... you can see what I did. Picture Source: Death Bat Pic Background Source: Made with Paint.NET End of music sigs&pics for now. V*~---Original Pictures---~*V All the following pictures are taken by myself, using my Canon Powershot: A570 IS digital camera. And they are edited using Paint.NET. This is a tribute to the game Resident Evil 4 (my favorite game) It's my eye in the picture, I just edited the colors and lines using Paint.NET. Added the text of course. I did resize it to a much smaller picture, from 3072x2304 - 3.68mb to 500x375 - 135kb then added the effects and was done... But I had to make it smaller again, to 300x225 - 55.2kb for this topics feel, and that made the quality go down a little. My in my slipknot hoodie laying on my bed... That was the original pic, but I was up late and was bored, so I made this. The background was made using the fire technique thingy... I could never make the fire as good as the other people on here >_>... Oh well, click the small pic to see the big on. End of original pictures for now. V*~---100% Paint.NET---~*V Just a picture I made up using the laser(light saber whatever... color line, then new layer, then white line, blur both ect...) method thingy, to make a few circles and lines of colored "lasers". then polar inversion on the merged laser layers, then tile reflection. and of course text >_< first time making a complete picture from nothing. End of 100% Paint.NET for now. Comments Please.
  14. 7/10 cool but... not something thats my taste lol. mini question while I'm here please. Ok, I see many sigs with really cool looking backgrounds. I know all about rendering the characters and objects, but I want to know about backgrounds. Where do you get them? Do you make them? Any of the people who make sigs here can suggest if they want, but pro info would be nice. PM me if you want. Thank you.
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