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  1. Parchment Tutorial by Magistrate Purpose: To make an aged piece of parchment paper. Finished Product: 1. Go to your Colors Window, hit "More >>" next to the drop-down list and above the color selector, and then go to the right. About 5 lines down is the word "Hex"- to the right is a field with "000000". Enter the hexadecimal color code "e9dbba" and then hit "<<< Less" to shrink the Colors Window again so that it's out of your way. Your Primary color should now be set to a tan-type color. This will be your base color. 2. Select the Fill tool from your Tools Window and fill
  2. Um... This doesn't really pertain to the sea shells, but how did you affect that water in the beach background? I've been trying like crazy to make a water-like affect (stormy seas, ponds, spouts, typhoons), but I could never get that glazed look- they all just looked like glorified, twisted paint
  3. Is there any way to somehow set this up so that it stays in the same window as the actual image? That would really help- for me, at least.
  4. Oh, I have to say I really like that one a lot- great job
  5. I haven't been on here for a while, but thanks for the smudge tool! This helps immensely!
  6. I have to say I like that orb effect- it kind of looks like a palantir.
  7. That's cool, but you could use some of the other brushes in that brush set to enhance the picture a little more- you know, add a little difference... Ah... Get me? :?
  8. Holy bloody potato Topezia, those are all really great- just goes to show that just because something's free doesn't mean it can't complete with the programs you buy Wonderful job.
  9. Hey, this is a really handy plug-in, I use it a lot, and thanks a ton I just have one problem: it started running very slowly when I started compiling a lot more brushes. Why isn't there a delete option (or am I just missing it?) and is there a way to add multiple brushes at once? Currently I can only do it one at a time.
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