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  1. This is more of a stamp, but if you drag it along as a brush you can create some pretty neat running trails. The other one is just grass. http://www.thelinkup.com/shared/hxc4xwu1smu1
  2. One more... for some reason I couldn't upload it with the other 3.
  3. Some animations I made with Paint.net and Benton Movie GIF. It's a great program and it's free, not a trial.
  4. Hey thanks! I appreciate any input. I edited it a bit... tell me what you think of this..... http://www.thelinkup.com/shared/moh2bmo6pch1
  5. I'm a Newbie but I'm pretty sure this qualifies as Abstract. Salvadore Dali had melting clocks, I have Magnified Smileys http://www.thelinkup.com/shared/lrb3ygs3vuw4
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