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  1. Mine looks twice as realistic as the tutorial. - Criticism please :wink:
  2. Hi, i was trying to create some water with a look like someone just thrown something into it. ___ Does it look like someone just trown something in the water? What can i do to improve it? Edit: Maybe these one is better (After rotate/zoom) Here's my attempt
  3. I'm not a big fan of Mandelbort Fractal or whatever it is :wink: I'll say .. 6.5/10.
  4. Could you explain to me how to anti-alias a little further? I got the feather plugin, but what should i use it to? :wink:
  5. Love your sig too, 8/10 - And yes, i've made that 100% by myself - i started using paint.net 4 days ago :oops: (Never used GIMP, photoshop or anything alike before) - so glad you liked it. Edit: I didn't make the M because i think it made it look bad. How do i anti-alias?
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