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  1. Fighting Wars with Keyboards by War From a Harlots Mouth
  2. White Chili Anyone? It's like normal chili, but instead of tomato sauce you use sour cream and instead of beef you use chicken. It's as good or better than normal chili.
  3. It looks pretty cool, but you also just used a tutorial. 8/10
  4. I like the three singers in my sig. Two are from a death metal band and one is from a metal rap band. It's all destroyed because it fits the metal theme.
  5. Granted bu you have a heart attack after it. I wish I could stop time.
  6. ^likes soccer v Wants me to rub peanut butter on their back
  7. Great song, I have their Atreyu's Best Hits CD so I know it very well. It's one of my most favorite songs of theirs and I love the back and forth of Brandon and Alex. It get's an 8.5/10 Here's a great song, a little heavy though.
  8. I voted for metal. It's pretty much the only thing I listen to and it's amazing. The skill it takes to play most songs is mind-boggling. And now, I've taught myself to scream and want to start a band.
  9. As you said before, I will consider it, although this would probably be restricted to PNG brushes. Alright, thanks man.
  10. Why yes I did Mr. Tubgirl. Just kidding, we all miss you very much. And Simon, do you think you could make it so you can choose multiple brushes?
  11. In other words, have a similar feature for PCD brushes that char brushes have? Yes I would be speaking of that.
  12. I love this plug-in, it helps a lot. Could you possibly make it so that you can pick more than one brush at a time, so I dont have to click just one every time.
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