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  1. Thanks for the offer through a pm Mike, I'll wait until it is moved over I think. BTW the complete file has just crashed FoxitReader twice. when going from page 2 to page 3. BTW the file size this time was 12.15MB
  2. Mike just a little more info, just tried to d/l it again and filesize when finished shows 435KB as opposed to previous 217KB. Still can't read it though. UPDATE Managed to get and view the complete file at last using Firefox's DownThemAll d/l manager. In between I tried a couple of time more using Firefox's built in manager and still failed although the file size kept getting bigger each time. Really Weird SplatMan
  3. Already checked that a couple of times over the last few days Mike SplatMan
  4. Hi Mike Another one here who cannot read the pdf this time with Foxit Reader 2.0, it reports this error Perhaps a server probem? SplatMan
  5. Thanks to all who replied, I feel we have clarified my and the forums ideas, so I'm quite happy to move on and post when I feel the need. AZIZ, you said Thanks I try to make things clear, after all, at 61 years young I have learned and forgot a lot, but still need input at times.
  6. Hi folks. It appears that I somehow managed to make my first posts on this forum be interpreted as SPAM. I have read the various threads as advised and would just like clarification as to which one I fell foul of. If it was 2) Post in the correct section then I apologise but I though that 'general discussion' was right. If it was 23) ADVERTISING and SOLICITING then again I apologise, the only reason I made the post was that as I said in the original post, I thought the item would be handy, perhaps as a source of ideas, for those who were using Paint.Net. I have posted on many forums covering a wide range of subjects and have never been accused of spamming, that is something that I am very conscious about, but to be accused of doing this here is a bit of a disappointment to say the least. My intentions here and any other place I post is to ask questions about something I am not sure about, or on the other side, to help others by using what knowledge I have of the particular subject. 27) Do not "bite" newcomers / newbies. Surely this could also apply here, all I was trying to do was post about a possible useful d/l, I have no links or motives to the source web site that I mentioned. After all most forums that I am on, would at least give 1 warning before taking the action that was. No offense meant at all, just trying to understand.
  7. Hi I got abr viewer from here http://kent.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/abrviewer/Release_NET20_2.0.rar
  8. Hi I got abr viewer from here http://kent.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/abrviewer/Release_NET20_2.0.rar
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