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  1. Thankoyu, Duotone Ink on Paper is exactly it. Cheers!
  2. This isn't quite the one I was looking for: for more clarification, you picked two colours in the effect menu before it was applied, and it did this automatically but with nicer quality. It was definitely an effect that got filed in the Adjustments tab. These that you have shwon me should do the same job, so if no-one else knows what I'm talking about they'll do!
  3. A while ago I had a plugin in which you could select two colours and it would convert the image to be in only those two colours, similar to this. I think it appeared on the adjustments tab rather than the effects tab, and I can't find it to re download, so If anyone knows where I can find it I'd be very grateful.
  4. Here's my shot. (Neil Peart in case you didn't know.)
  5. Whoah! Thanks for the fast reply, I wasn't really expecting to see anything till tomorrow. I'll try both, thanks. EDIT: I tried them, the outline then blur seems most likely (and a median blur BTW), but I think there's something in between. I'll keep hunting.
  6. Hey, nice forum. Anyway, I was looking over my stuff, and found this, but can;t remember how I did it. I thought I'de come to those more experienced and talented than me to find the answer. :wink: Thanks!